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"Check That Call saved me from a potential IRS scam"

Mary-Jane, CA

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2020-11-23 22:38:38   report

Someone hacked my department's directory. Got an email from director asking if I was available and to give her my cell phone. I thought it was legitimate and gave out my number. Couple of minutes later got a text from this phone number asking me to reply to "director.," When I saw area code I realized it was a scan. I blocked it.

2020-11-23 01:22:29   report

Called three times Friday morning, do not know anyone in that area of NY.

2020-11-20 15:20:36   report

Amazon scam was on answering machine. I made no purchase, checked my Amazon acct. nothing showing.

2020-11-19 21:41:30   report

For me, it's a dudette calls Pat looking to by home. I am itching to text them back telling them unless the offer is $2mil cold cash, the house is not for sale.