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Remember the last time you got a call from an unknown number. Did you answer it? Or did you experience a frisson of panic, let the call ring out, and then spend the rest of the day wondering in vain who was trying to contact you.

If you’re like the majority of Americans, the latter is more likely. But what if that call was from that guy you emailed two months ago who has finally got around to reading your CV and is now offering you your dream job? Or what if it was that beautiful, brilliant woman you met last year who took your number just in case she ever broke up with her boyfriend?

We at Check That Call are here to make sure that those calls don’t pass you by. We are your virtual phonebook. A place where people can look up callers for free, weed out the scammers, the autocallers, and find out more about the person behind those tantalising calls.

We want to wipe uncertainty and unease and build a new form of phone communication based on mutual interest and trust. And we need you to help us, our key information is based on community sourced information from all our fantastic users.

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