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2021-06-11 06:42:17   report

This company sells products that infringe the copyright of others. Beware...

2021-06-10 20:18:33   report

More than likely a scam. Phone claims it is from California. Reverse call lookup claims it is from Ohio.

2021-06-09 18:09:40   report

received a call on my work phone and they hung up after I answered.

2021-06-09 17:29:17   report

They are impersonating federal officer...they threat you with coming to you house and hurt your family if you don't press number 1. I hope someone does something about this.

2021-06-07 21:26:36   report

AppRent robo call. Did not answer. Labeled as likely scam on my caller ID

2021-06-05 15:50:17   report

CID shows 7039827170. Lorton VA,,,,,,, left no message,,,,, no info from CID,,,,, could not have been worth the call, much less answering. Dialing for dollars or wasting my time, on my personal land line. Really need law with teeth

2021-06-05 14:32:45   report


2021-06-03 18:17:44   report

Call left on my voicemail. Listening to it I heard several voices in the background but no direct message or identification from caller. Suspect it is a scam.

2021-06-03 14:17:31   report

Fred called saying he was a "Health Care Specialist". I asked him if he area of "health care" he was licensed to practice in, Brain Surgery? I asked if he was licensed as a Healthcare Specialist in Florida. "Fred" hung up.

2021-06-02 21:43:28   report

Scam call. Pretending to be debt collector but did not provide any other information other then was “time sensitive” you had to return call. But I didn’t call.

2021-06-01 00:14:33   report = Timothy Wayne Martin-9316985171 Talpley

2021-05-28 20:45:15   report

A guy with a thick foreign accent said he was calling from ???Medical Center and was asking if I still was having pain in my lower back. He is very hard to understand, I kept asking who he was or why he was calling me he finally got frustrated and hung up.

2021-05-27 20:16:02   report

says has order of locate on message and uses a pfa number or something

2021-05-26 20:41:55   report

The person that call me said was from Amazon and wanted i use my cell to change something, he asked if i received some call from China.... this person scared me i think it was trying to scam

2021-05-26 14:12:50   report

SCAM: threatened to pull money out of my checking account for renewal of services unless I call them back...they didn't even identify who they are.

2021-05-22 21:02:38   report

Could hear a call center in the background while they listened to my phone message.

2021-05-22 20:52:41   report

Posted as residence; but scammers use numbers with a person's name.

2021-05-21 16:24:44   report

Unsolicited call. Leaves no name. No Message10:40 am 05-21-2021

2021-05-19 19:36:34   report

I think this was a scam. An automated voice said they had been trying to contact me about a credit card. I hung up.

2021-05-18 17:53:25   report

Received a call from this number and my cell phone tagged it as Spam. I didn't answer.

2021-05-18 16:12:24   report

The caller display shows Dignity Health and the person said she was calling on behalf of Medicare who is requesting a saliva test to determine my heart health. She said the test results will be shared with my medical doctor in order to provide the best outcome. ?? Sounds like a scam to me

2021-05-14 21:53:20   report

unsolicited, unidentified SCAM or FRAUD caller refused to identify self and would not state purpose of call. I know nobody in Apollo, TX and have never done business there.

2021-05-14 18:25:44   report

This was a type of scam call saying my bank account was being investigated for criminal activities and bla bla I hung up

2021-05-13 21:47:59   report

I just received a text that said "Hi (and my name). I didn't respond.

2021-05-13 21:06:38   report

After checking. Landline phone #, I called and reached no access recording. Be cautious

2021-05-10 21:49:25   report

Called; no text or voice, hung up after 20 seconds of silence

2021-05-10 20:56:41   report

These aholes not only call and call and call again, but they stay on long enough to leave no voicemail.

2021-05-05 22:53:54   report

Don't no the number I believe the name is viv bethany to that number

2021-05-05 22:53:54   report

Don't no the number I believe the name is viv bethany to that number

2021-05-05 19:57:52   report

I received a text from this # asking if this was Angela? So I am afraid to respond thinking it's a scam

2021-05-04 22:02:15   report

Justin wanted to talk about my medicare . Told him for the 2nd time to stop calling me. Medicare doesn't call people. These creeps will do any thing to hurt people.

2021-05-03 21:58:50   report

Moment of silence before someone started talking, but I hung up before I could listen to them.

2021-04-30 16:13:13   report

rcvd phone call from 336-864-2183 - didn't answer and caller didn't leave a message.

2021-04-29 17:54:12   report

Got text asking I call this number to verify a possible pay pay fraud alert

2021-04-29 17:47:55   report

came up as spam on my cell not ans spam calls

2021-04-27 22:15:52   report

Caller ID shows Truly Nolen, but it was the same automated phone message from someone wanting to buy our home. We received 74 calls this month from the same recording from various phone numbers so we are unable to block them

2021-04-27 02:08:13   report

This was a threatening phone call and asked me to call at once but did not leave a phone number - I am sure it was a scam call but don't know about what!!!!

2021-04-26 22:39:53   report

This number calls me ALL THE TIME. I do not answer calls that i don't know. In fact, i have silenced this caller so i never answer the call. They can leave a message but this caller never does.

2021-04-25 17:42:59   report

This phone number accompanied a scam email from PayPal and Googlepay.

2021-04-22 23:41:22   report

I keep getting calls from 213-797 the last four numbers are always different. This is a SCAM calling.

2021-04-22 19:50:46   report

called twice very quickly, 1:26 blank VM, followed by 5 sec voicemail that said thank you, so a recording clearly cut off.

2021-04-19 23:46:59   report

SCAM call from Canterville, IL TRANSCRIPTION BETA: “$579.99 on your bank card if you have made this purchase on Amazon and recognize it and simply hang up and your order will be delivered to you however if you have not made any such transaction you can call Amazon support right away on 312-761-3030 press one to connect to our agent…”

2021-04-19 21:54:37   report

This number called my mom's phone and the caller ID said Thinking Phone. She didn't answer the call, and they left no voice message

2021-04-17 19:49:11   report

Spam text stating “thanks for confirming” (which I had not) and “see you at 11:05 on 4/18”

2021-04-17 16:14:07   report

This was a missed call on my Cell phone. Since I do not know anyone in that area...I assume it is a robo call. 270 9847355

2021-04-14 21:57:24   report

Pat texted with my dad asking about his property by his home address. My mom died last year, this business must scan death certificates. Seems extra predatory. I blocked the number.

2021-04-14 19:26:01   report

they said the call is from police officer to fundraising something

2021-04-13 21:47:05   report

Automated scam call presenting themselves as a legal department. Asks to call back to resolve legal issues, and is using multiple numbers.

2021-04-13 19:38:55   report

Tried to call back, Couldn't get a ring, safe bet it is spam

2021-04-13 18:02:02   report

I missed this call, my iPhone said it was a scam. I called back from my home phone and it was United Health Care wanting to conduct a survey. I have United Health Care, so it was legitimate.

2021-04-13 17:24:23   report

Social Security Investigations Unit. Whatever name and last four digits of your Social Security Number you give them, matches you up with an arrest warrant for Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering, Credit Card Scam, or Bank Account Scam. I had all four. Lol

2021-04-13 03:59:03   report

Why can't I find out who is calling me from a number I do not know without paying for the information. It isn't safe to answer these calls.

2021-04-12 19:21:44   report

I returned the call and it was silent. 30 min later, the call was returned but I was unable to answer it. Glad I didn't. - the phone rang 4 times in a row. I blocked the number.

2021-04-12 17:04:34   report

can't use call block - used up all available slots on phone

2021-04-10 00:17:08   report

A California company "hacked" 8989 to sell energy product.

2021-04-09 18:56:02   report

I found out this is a call for auto warranty purchase robo call

2021-04-09 18:54:32   report

anyone get called from 814-876-3499 comes up as a spam risk so not been answering.

2021-04-08 21:48:51   report

The number 505-382-1611 is a scammer call, there was a voice message from this number. No one talked or left any instructions.

2021-04-08 18:25:44   report

SCAM. Started for Medicare customers....asked if I could take a message. Make on other end said "You most certainly can not!" Blocked.

2021-04-07 19:03:47   report

Automated call, says from legal department, to call the above number immediately to resolve issue. Spam call, as this is a church.

2021-04-07 16:50:52   report

I do believe this is scam, that's what it was saying when my phone was ringing!

2021-04-06 21:52:30   report

Man claiming to be Officer Williams. Said he had papers to be served. Possible legal action, arrest. Never said who he was calling.

2021-04-06 00:06:46   report

Actuallythe number isn't a live person's response. Once call then put you on hold and it takes longer to be on hold so I hung up! I suspect it is just a scam or robocall!

2021-04-05 17:40:01   report

This person calls twice a week, says nothing, and then hangs up

2021-04-04 13:17:01   report

Not sure if this number is legit but called me several times and sounds like a drunk person.

2021-04-03 06:53:21   report

Sent me a damn text about a loan at 1:37 in the morning. i would never do business with a company that texts people well after business hours

2021-04-02 17:14:16   report

Had a missed call from this number, called it back and it is for National Dealer Services, pressed 2 to be put on their Do Not Call List...probably won't work though.

2021-04-02 14:50:41   report

I did not answer. The caller failed to leave a voice mail thus I deleted the number from my phone.

2021-04-01 17:07:21   report

The caller never left any messages. Just an eerie silent from the other end . Sound like a spoofing scammer.

2021-03-31 22:38:01   report

Voicemail: Asked if (my first name) was there. Then ended call. No further message.

2021-03-31 18:21:28   report

has called several times - no messages. Must be a scam or would leave message.

2021-03-29 09:31:19   report

Received a threatening text message using my full name, person could be associated with a gang.

2021-03-28 21:26:54   report

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2021-03-28 20:20:00   report

I got a text from this number which said : "Leo, you still have $100 Amazon Rewards credit: See what you can buy before it expires on 03/22". I believe that this is a scam.

2021-03-28 12:22:35   report

So helpful much appreciated and help best thing to hit the net

2021-03-25 23:07:38   report

He told me he lost that phone number My husband what a lying cheating fool.

2021-03-25 23:04:52   report

I thought this was my husband number but is acctually listed under a so-called friend daughter now I know who my husband has been sleeping with. What a slap in the face she is not attractive and alwaysvtoldmec who would sleep with she is so ugly

2021-03-25 02:54:52   report

They claim that my visa credit card has a bunch of charges. I don't have a visa!

2021-03-24 23:29:51   report

Recorded message said they were from Apple support. Also received same message from: 541-385-8240; 541-385-6562; 541-385-6177; 541-382-7079

2021-03-24 21:30:17   report

Spam call to my cellphone; a different spoofed number each time. SCAM!!

2021-03-24 19:21:23   report

Caller left message stating that they are US Customs and Boarder Control. Stated that a package was seized with drugs and money in my name

2021-03-24 19:15:36   report

This #belongs to a deceased mother being used by her daughter who inherited money amd is a walking sneak and a home wreaker shame om you has money but is very dumb

2021-03-24 19:00:57   report

Said they saw "unrecognized transaction" on my Venmo account. Likely a SCAM.

2021-03-24 14:50:07   report

Scam Text Phish about people's real estate that they own to make them think they have to get their homes & acreage inspected.

2021-03-22 22:27:16   report

Called, said police were outside. Not sure if it was a prank? But getting so many scam call & odd calls that I'm reporting it!

2021-03-22 19:15:59   report

Constantly contacting my business asking for "Susan" - when advised there is no Susan here they start with "perhaps you can help me". this is rude and disruptive to my business and these people need to stop.

2021-03-22 16:13:11   report

Unidentified female said "Hello" three times, then hung up. 3/22/2021 at 11:54 a.m. EDT.

2021-03-22 15:25:40   report

this phone number contacted me twice at 4:33am and hung up as soon as I answered.

2021-03-20 15:14:10   report

We have been receiving minimum of two calls daily from this number. Never leaves a message. Blocked it today.

2021-03-19 23:02:15   report

(805) 645-8653 called me//I answered saying 'Hello?'//silence...nobody answered, I repeated my hello to the silence....more silence;(not like a dropped call, more like no one felt like replying//caller suddenly hung up.

2021-03-18 18:34:51   report

Congratulations you qualify for low interest credit cards press 1 to continue.

2021-03-18 16:40:54   report

Maria with SCI, she talked so fast I had to replay message 7 times.

2021-03-17 19:36:29   report

If it's from Deckers, Sedalia or nearby communities it's probably the infamous "your car warranty is expiring" scam call. Got about 30 numbers blocked now, all sourced in this same area...

2021-03-17 17:21:57   report

Scam saying from social security office and will premity block your number.

2021-03-17 15:07:03   report

Called and left no message. Called back, it's AUTO WARRANTY SERVICES. SPAM alert.

2021-03-15 18:23:50   report

whom ever called acted like he knew me. Beware, they'll trick ya.

2021-03-15 16:55:44   report

They called twice, 1st they hung on the voicemail, and 2nd they hung up after two rings.

2021-03-15 15:44:34   report

When you attempt to call 914 488 1911, you will receive a message that the number is not in service.

2021-03-15 15:43:26   report

This phone number 2096151825 is a fraudulent phone call acting like they are from the Social Security. Do not answere or give info to them!

2021-03-15 15:23:50   report

8:00 AM stating Social Security and we have been trying to contact you. I wish there was a place to report these phone numbers!

2021-03-15 05:22:13   report

Called at 12:15am. Started talking nonsense, told them wrong number. He informed me that it wasn’t and started talking nonsense again. I hung up and blocked the number.

2021-03-14 00:39:10   report

This number was harassing my child and told them to kill themself. Cyberbully

2021-03-13 23:43:45   report

This number consistently calls all day and every day and hangs up.

2021-03-13 17:08:55   report

Same details: anti-fraud department and card used around 5 AM. Did not identify CC Company nor who they were directing the call to.

2021-03-13 01:30:06   report

Scammer, recording is a test call. Must be confirming if active number. Do not call back.

2021-03-12 23:21:24   report

Caller said this is (first & last name) and went silent. Had accent was unable to understand what he said.

2021-03-12 22:42:25   report

I think someone is sooofing numbers, but this guy claimed he was an ‘officer’ from the IRS, and that there had been a criminal complaint filed against me. Total con job.

2021-03-12 18:48:04   report

Just received the same call knew it was a scam because my visa did not have that amount available! I did not call it back.

2021-03-12 18:19:52   report

Received a call from this number. Caller claiming to be Amazon and telling me a charge had been made on my Amazon Act. Then they wanted to refund me the money and to do so they needed to link into my bank account. They were dumbfounded when I didn't do so. I told them to just send me a check. They got mad. I hung up.

2021-03-12 18:09:57   report

The message made it sound as if my social security number would be permanently unusable if I did not call that number. I believe it is a scam and I did not call that number.

2021-03-12 13:10:56   report


2021-03-12 02:48:29   report

I got a call saying that I would be sued if I didn’t call back, when I called the number they answered Social Security Services. I believe this was a scam. They asked for my DOB to verify who I was, I told them I would contact someone I knew at SSI and hung up.

2021-03-11 21:56:30   report

Claimed to be calling about social security. First part of message cut off. Said to press one and left a case number

2021-03-11 21:02:57   report

Shows up as "AREA263" on my phone. Says I am getting a rebate check... as if they need to call me to send me a check

2021-03-11 20:47:18   report

This phone number keep calling me to say that i have a problem with my social security

2021-03-11 17:14:04   report

Loud screech as I answered and then a Spanish speaking woman started talking. I do not speak Spanish so I hung up.

2021-03-11 16:50:46   report

The person mentioned illegal activity relating to my social security number and that I needed to talk to the officer before charges.

2021-03-11 15:58:13   report

Automated voice saying my Amazon gift card was fraudulently used...

2021-03-11 13:25:22   report

called to say my credit card was used at 5 am today. it was anti-fraud dept!

2021-03-10 22:44:56   report

Call for about social security number, but that sound like weird

2021-03-10 20:09:19   report

Caller msg - we have a 399 charge w Amazon and if we didn’t place order press 1

2021-03-10 19:36:13   report

Has called twice doesn’t leave a message and when I called back it said the number was not in service

2021-03-10 18:22:06   report

Recording saying they were going to disconnect our power. Press # to go through. We don’t live in the 515 area code.

2021-03-10 18:03:57   report

SCAM! Computer voice claims your SS# has been compromised. BEWARE!!

2021-03-10 18:02:51   report

I answered this number, and it was a ridiculous, computer generated voice, telling me my SS# has been compromised. SCAM! Bogus number. Beware

2021-03-10 17:38:42   report

SCAM SCAM SCAM. Asshats. These people are low-life extrodinaires.

2021-03-10 17:25:24   report

Scam. Robocall. Wanting to know if I authorized the purchase of an iPhone 11 from If not then press 1. Pressing 1 ends the call. Tried to call back. Number is not in service.

2021-03-10 17:06:57   report

Keep getting missed calls from this number never leave a VM sick of the Scam calls and texts will block number

2021-03-10 17:06:40   report

Rang twice; hung up. Probable scammer hoping for call-back.

2021-03-10 16:30:24   report

I receive a call from this number at the same time every day.

2021-03-10 16:06:39   report

number possibly being ghosted for a bank amount scam. Caller did not want to identify himself or connect to a supervisor. Did finally give his name as "John Ceena." Hung up when was told number would be reported to police.

2021-03-10 14:28:35   report

Call at an early morning time, didn't answer it. They did not leave a voicemail.

2021-03-10 05:54:03   report

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2021-03-10 00:58:35   report

Text won raffle with Amazon. I’m sure it’s a scam Amazon doesn’t do raffle.

2021-03-10 00:38:21   report

I don't recognize this number and I think it's a #scammer.

2021-03-09 23:22:09   report

This is a non-working number of Kitsap County Court House. Be carefull you guys scammers used this number to scam you.

2021-03-09 21:58:24   report

Automated call stating to press 1 to be connected to the "concern department" or they will be forced to take legal action.

2021-03-09 21:38:13   report

Trying to get you to renew auto warranty before it runs out.. well mine ran out in 2010 and its 2021 now

2021-03-09 18:31:48   report

I wish someone would come up with a way to look up a number without having to pay to see who it is. What happened to free phone look up like we had growing up and using a phone book I think all phone numbers should be listed.

2021-03-09 17:30:19   report

Scam to collect personal information. Imitates as Equifax.

2021-03-09 16:36:30   report

Someone from the Consumer Protection Unit Award, Federal Trade Commission 202-517-0462 wants me to call Proter and Gamble to claim an award of $750,000. and asked that I call # 513-373-4944. WHAT A SCAM!!!!

2021-03-09 16:24:50   report

this caller voice said my company owed hydro charges ,hydro will be cut off that evening(Yesterday) My company office is in huge Corp building with rest of other offices where we do not pat separate hydro. Puzzling call

2021-03-09 16:13:53   report

The man is foreign and mumbles something about Norton refund. I dont ha

2021-03-09 15:59:44   report

die haben sich schon in die sind in der ich habe heute noch mal

2021-03-09 15:58:26   report

People are scammers calls from different numbers gets numbers without anyone's permission.

2021-03-09 11:49:29   report

I think he goes by the name johnny or I call him john the jon. However he has a much more unique and cooler name.

2021-03-09 09:47:57   report

Why would someone call you with a caller ID of "None"? What are they trying to hide? Not a call I would trust to answer.

2021-03-09 07:52:05   report

This person is a meth addict... They steal money for people's children even.

2021-03-09 05:15:42   report

Today, I received the following calls; (I did not answer) 605-307-3409 @ 8:43 am 605-307-3395 @ 8:50 am 605-307-3364 @ 8:51 am No message left from any number.

2021-03-09 00:41:21   report

I get a call every day from this number saying thank you for calling credit repair, I'm not calling them, they are calling me. they are a nuisance. I hang up just as she is speaking, I don't have time for these lowlifes. They should get a legit job.

2021-03-08 22:21:52   report

SCAM!!!! Received an E-Mail saying my account was charged 449.00. I f I feel it was in error please call 302-286-9302 within 4 hours and they will reverse the charges??? I do not even have NORTON SCAM!!

2021-03-08 22:14:22   report

call came in and when the answering machine came on caller hung up. If no message is left I consider the call a SCAM CALL.

2021-03-08 22:01:54   report

Keep getting texts from this number about receiving money. Don’t know who it is but want it to stop

2021-03-08 18:29:35   report

Did not Answer, No Identifer on Caller ID....I refuse to answer Any of these Calls. They can KMA!

2021-03-08 18:11:34   report

Recorded message stating fraudulent activity on social security and to press “1” to be connected or if ignoring the message it will be considered a no-show at some hearing. Also received exact same call from 615-618-4813 that has been listed as fraud caller

2021-03-08 17:38:47   report

Calling every 2 hours, not leaving message. I know no one and use no businesses in this area. Never even heard of this county.

2021-03-08 17:02:32   report

When they can't pronounce your name correctly it's a scammer, especially one with a heavy indian accent!

2021-03-08 16:49:04   report

They say their from SS Admin and my number had fraudulent usage.

2021-03-08 15:43:05   report

autocaller left incomplete message "..if you did not place this order press 1 now..."

2021-03-08 15:39:57   report

Scam call!!! Recorded call from "CRA" to notify me of suspension of my SIN number. I hung up halfway through and had another call from a different 416 number 10 minutes later. Didn't answer the second one.

2021-03-08 04:14:47   report

This person wants to anyone but themselves so watch out if they call and try to stalk you. Lol. Sad

2021-03-08 04:09:13   report

Scammer listing car for sale on craigslist, see

2021-03-07 16:45:17   report

Claims my phone has four viruses had link to click on I didn’t click

2021-03-07 03:26:12   report

Claims to be Amazon and that I won a prize in a drawing. Includes link. Didn't click.

2021-03-06 23:39:56   report

Texted that they automatically renewed Norton and charged $449. Do not use Norton.

2021-03-06 03:51:18   report

Received regarding my vehicle and an issue needing to be addressed immediately? From the"Transportation Authority" and has a link to click on.

2021-03-06 02:11:16   report

Robotexter SCAMMER Claiming Free NETFLIX for a year - Electronic Terrorist with a cellphone

2021-03-06 02:08:48   report

Brent Shull texting as Federal Express SCAM CONFIRMED. Consumer ALERT

2021-03-06 02:06:22   report

Robotexter named Brent Shull - Confirmed Imposter of Federal Express Registered REPORT to FTC.GOV

2021-03-05 23:08:34   report

Being bombarded with scam texts trying to get me to follow a very suspicious link

2021-03-05 21:43:42   report

512-251-5062 was a recorded scam call stating that $100.00 would be deducted from my bank account to my Amazon account. I do not have an Amazon account. Checking with bank to make sure that no money is taken.

2021-03-05 20:09:19   report

I keep getting calls from this number saying its a part of my ppo prescription plan and if I need 11 of the over the counter meds. They cant tell me who my insurance is or who my PPO is. Total scam.

2021-03-05 19:16:59   report

missed call, but when i called back recorder said "call could not be completed as dialed"....seems a bad guy call

2021-03-05 18:24:38   report

When answered they stood silent they wouldn't say anything kept getting the same call every hour..

2021-03-05 18:12:41   report

said someone bought 700.00 dollar i-phone on your amazon account

2021-03-05 17:35:35   report

I did not answer they did not leave a message, blocked & reported to ATT call protect.

2021-03-05 16:51:46   report

Received a fraud call from this number saying my social security number will be suspended if I don't press 1.

2021-03-05 01:01:19   report

Thought to be a scam....It says its apple calling and their is a breach with your account

2021-03-04 19:10:50   report

Scam! Auto Warranty List. Do Not Answer. Do Not Reply. Do Not Call Back.

2021-03-04 18:16:40   report

calls who left no message is either a Robo or scam. I don't pick up.

2021-03-04 18:07:03   report

Called me and said they would be forced to take legal action if I didn’t return the call. I am in my 80’s, don’t owe a I knew it was a scam

2021-03-04 17:29:32   report

we received a call from this number. We said Hello, there was no response. After a few moments, maybe 10 seconds of dead air, but definitely the indication that it was a live call, the call disconnected.

2021-03-04 15:29:10   report

This guy is claiming to be a 69 year old doctor. He's looking for women to scam.

2021-03-04 11:17:22   report

Not expecting call from USA - I Would Say This Is A Scam..

2021-03-03 23:38:13   report

I received two calls both that I let go to voice mail as they came up as potential spam. They told me it was Amazon support and that I should call this number right away.

2021-03-03 22:33:05   report

Called 3 times in a row. Hung up after 3rd ring each time.

2021-03-03 20:27:43   report

Scam call! Telling me my Amazon account had been fraudulently charged, for a few they would correct it. BS.

2021-03-03 19:21:58   report

debt collection agency. this is 1 of many numbers they call from

2021-03-03 19:07:15   report

Serial Scam Caller Winton McQueen of McDonough GA making fraudulent Warranty insurance calls. He has been scamming people for a long time.

2021-03-03 18:35:32   report

Claiming they are amazon calling about a purchase for $207.00. I never made a purchase and I don't know who this is from These calls have got to STOP

2021-03-03 17:15:13   report

automated call say I qualify for 0 interest on all my credit cards. ask me to hit 1 to speak to someone and I just hung up. When they were calling this comes up as Paul Leroux number.

2021-03-03 15:42:12   report

Recorded message informing me of Amazon purchase on Visa card with instructions to call # to confirm. They did not have the card # or my name. Sounds fishy. Did not return call.

2021-03-03 03:27:27   report

Received text saying Amazon Account was locked. Don't have an Amazon account. SCAM 424-208-1829

2021-03-02 22:02:04   report

This number showed Sentara Data Center on caller ID. Caller said she was with RCI. Caller hung up when I asked why call id shows Sentara Data Center.

2021-03-02 21:35:24   report

Left partial voice mail that I'm being charged $499.99 for V-tech services which I do NOT owe nor have I commissioned for this service. BIG TIME SCAM.

2021-03-02 19:28:16   report

I didn't answer and the mystery caller didn't leave a voicemail. So I assume they're either a scammer or (less likely since noone else has left a comment either) they dialed my number by mistake.

2021-03-02 19:28:06   report

Robotic message about suspicious activity regarding your social security number. SCAM

2021-03-02 18:37:10   report

Auto caller claiming to be an officer with en extremely important message

2021-03-02 16:12:24   report

Total scam. Received robocall from "Visa Security Centre" regarding two suspicious charges to Visa card. Accidentally hit a number instead of disconnecting and reached a male voice with a slight accent before I hung up.

2021-03-02 15:18:20   report

This number called claiming to be from Chase bank concerning accounts I had openednuonon line and wantednto know if I had any questions. I told him I didn't open any accounts and he said he apologized that he may have the wrong information .Go figure.

2021-03-02 13:58:38   report

Scam call about my social security number, arrest warrant issued

2021-03-01 17:35:09   report

they claim they are with social security and that my s.s# is suspicious and it being audited and that I have to hire a lawyer and may have criminal charges

2021-03-01 16:44:39   report

Scam stating that they were Apple support and that the iCloud account had been compromised. Call repeatedly from several different numbers.

2021-03-01 13:36:37   report

This call came on a Sunday no less! Did not answer and will not answer any calls not from my contact list!

2021-03-01 02:43:55   report

This is the number of a Meth Dealer and Prostitute named: Katherine Yared 712 Lantana Place Fairfield California 94533

2021-02-28 18:10:31   report

Scam call pretending to be from Apple saying my icloud info has been breached. 4th one I've received today.

2021-02-28 04:22:48   report

Felice m ramirez.. gold digger, homewrecker, master manipulator, doper, fake, lying, felony assault, drug vharged

2021-02-27 23:28:21   report

I have received 6 calls in the last hour with this 713-805- each has a different 4 digit number at the end. All leave suspicious voice messages saying there is an alert on my Amazon account. I contacted Amazon and they don't know anything about it.

2021-02-27 16:14:31   report

It was a call telling me that my Amazon card had a order placed on it for 349.00.

2021-02-26 13:35:18   report

224-324-8203 is a scam caller from date websites. Posts fake pics fake profiles with fake names "Mark" "Ronald Dunning" "Quico Roosa". UNSAFE

2021-02-26 13:28:11   report

I keep receiving texts from this number. They say their name is "Dolly" and they want to buy our house.??

2021-02-25 21:14:08   report

Scammer. Warranty BS. Sounds like Sarah with the credit card scam.

2021-02-24 23:27:22   report

Doesn't leave a message and it's one of few different numbers where the 231-935 is the same but the last four are different. Calls then calls from another 231-935 then again. I never answer

2021-02-24 21:25:16   report

478-818-1025 caller I.d. Unadilla, Ga Car Warranty Scam and Fraud

2021-02-24 14:13:25   report

Figured it was a spam call so I didn't answer and they did not leave a message.

2021-02-23 16:29:36   report

Received 3 calls, one right after the other, but all hung up before I could answer. I know nobody in Eugene, Oregon!

2021-02-23 12:42:27   report

SCAM TEXT - Malicious MALWARE LINK included CALLER ID "Spam Risk" = Possible IRS SCAM * Unsolicited and no affiliation as a Customer or CLIENT * Phishing and Electronic Terrorism during COVID19 to provide misinformation & threatens the welfare of Community in the Commonwealth of KENTUCKY from California Organization: ORANGE COUNTY SCAM

2021-02-22 23:09:15   report

They said my social security number was locked and they were in Texas but it didn't seem right

2021-02-22 22:42:32   report

called stating suspicious activity on my SS# and they suspended it. instructed to wait and speak to an officer to discuss.

2021-02-21 21:57:28   report

Called at 10:00 P.M. Claimed to help customers of ADT and ? lower their bills. SCAMMERS!

2021-02-20 17:11:50   report

Subject with a thick Indian accent tells you that a car was rented in your name. The FBI found the car with cocaine and blood from a dead woman inside. You need to pay him right away with gift cards to prevent you from being arrested.

2021-02-19 23:11:04   report

I missed a call from this number when we turning the call it says that it is out of service

2021-02-18 14:49:31   report

I called this Number back because they hung up on me when i answered. She said her name was Sydney and she was selling insurance, so this was probably an auto caller

2021-02-17 21:27:49   report

they left message: will charge us $499.00 for their service - don't know who they are, or what service is for??

2021-02-17 17:58:35   report

Pops up on my phone as scam risk. I answered it however it gives me a ring tone as if I am dialing that number. Hanged up and blocked the call

2021-02-17 17:41:32   report

Just rec'd a text "Can I have a moment of your time". I Blocked the number,after checking out a scam

2021-02-16 21:47:01   report

Scam don’t text back it will cost you it cost me .25 cents

2021-02-16 20:58:48   report

Has called repeatedly over the last few days, three times today and does not leave a voice mail

2021-02-15 16:02:48   report

4173437358 called my phone and said oh you hit my car and left your number on my windshield. Then hung up.

2021-02-15 03:03:15   report

robocall.unknown perso & subject. No prior contact. probable spam.

2021-02-15 00:59:27   report

Called my phone Friday February 12 at 8:14AM call went to voicemail left no message.

2021-02-13 19:24:47   report

Caller was not on my phones contact list so I did not answer - no message left so I blocked the number...

2021-02-12 23:47:28   report

reported i was a lottery winner regarding supporting the covid pandemic, to text for my money

2021-02-12 20:56:49   report

Possible scam said something about abandoning something and then said they were going to record the call and then it got cut off

2021-02-12 18:04:16   report

D@MN STUPID IMBECILE. 'User Comment' box, with this so-called 'statement': "unfortunately we no one has left a comment yet. Count on capable, NOT those who are incapable. This is PRECISELY why We The People endlessly dragged into most life conflict/s. Obviously, someone needs a motel janitor/housekeeping career.

2021-02-11 22:51:03   report

I don't think that we should have to get a membership and pay anywhere fr 6 dollars to 26dollars a month. Just to find out a number.

2021-02-09 23:19:41   report

This is a text number on WhatsApp that a man claiming to be “David Stones” uses to scam women out of money with fake checks

2021-02-09 19:38:32   report

I don’t know who this is. I am out west. Beware scam. Text sent to me

2021-02-09 19:19:19   report

This number calls 3 or 4 times a day says it's a recording about medicare

2021-02-08 05:07:02   report

This number has texted me with inappropriate solicitations.

2021-02-05 21:14:19   report

I am receiving calls from this number. From what they are saying it is a child predator.

2021-02-05 15:09:41   report

I tried twice to enter the number and get information. 828-707-3099

2021-02-05 15:07:27   report

I could not receive any information on this number from this site. 828-707-3099?

2021-02-03 18:23:30   report

Claims to be Tampa Expressway Authority collection money and I've never been through a toll yet. Beware.

2021-02-02 21:00:07   report

AKA, Crespin Robert Roman wants to buy a $80,000 car without seeing or checking it. Then he will have someone else pick it up... SCAM

2021-02-02 19:06:39   report

Unsolicited SCAM call from a small Texas town. This makes 18 such calls from Taylor, with varying telephone numbers. I have never done business there and know nobody there.

2021-02-02 18:06:48   report

I think this number might be getting spoofed. T-mobile lists it as spam even though it's registered to a private residence.

2021-02-02 15:24:44   report

Missed the call so I called it back. It was one of those auto warranty spam callers. Put myself on their "do not call" list but I doubt that will help.

2021-02-01 17:54:37   report

Has called twice and hangs up. May be automated or just wrong number.

2021-02-01 14:05:39   report

I received a voicemail stating they are Border patrol, and they have intercepted a drug package that was addressed to you, and they need to speak with you. Scam alert

2021-02-01 14:04:15   report

Caller is stating they are Border patrol,& they have intercepted a drug package that was addressed to you,and they need to speak with you

2021-02-01 00:56:19   report

Wants to buy a $80,000 car sight not seen after 2 Text Messages using PayPal. SCAM

2021-01-31 20:57:50   report

Wants to buy a $80,000 car sight not seen after 2 Text Messages using Paypal. SCAM

2021-01-31 18:24:41   report

Telemarketer acting like they want to buy your car but according to other sites they want to List it on E-bay at a charge of $399...

2021-01-31 18:20:21   report

Wants to buy an $80,000 car with a personal check, not having it inspected, SCAMMER! Sleeps & showers in his old Mattress Strip Mall store & people say he ripped them off there..!

2021-01-31 17:45:19   report

812-503-0647 SCAM text messages about buying a car for his mom using PayPal not seeing the car. Numerous other possible victim's complained on another site...!

2021-01-29 16:13:47   report

Left this message: "You wish to cancel your order we have not made this transaction from your end kindly call us to authorize or dispute the transaction on 208-225-5270. I repeat call us on 208-225-5270 thank you."

2021-01-28 22:05:56   report

I don't answer calls from numbers I don't know. They've called twice today and I don't know anyone in Glendive so its probably a scam.

2021-01-28 02:29:16   report

It's a spammer who sends youtube links to promote his videos...

2021-01-27 20:48:08   report

Calls from area code 201 = New Jersey, is always suspicious, so I do not pick-up, let them leave a message if of importance.

2021-01-24 18:06:07   report

This is a scammer, the person contact you by text messages to make you send money for the house.

2021-01-24 15:01:30   report

text was responding to listing in autotrader poor emglish, probably a foreinor

2021-01-23 16:43:52   report

Claim to be Benifit Advisors on a recorded line. Calls come in numerous times on different numbers. When you speak and tell them stop calling, they go into a fast message to call back at a number. Spoken too fast to jot down.

2021-01-23 15:48:14   report

Guy on pof dating site says hes a doctor named donald carmichael grom greenwood. IL. Its a scam

2021-01-21 15:29:45   report

Received call from this number informing me I would be charged over 700$ by Amazon for an order I never placed.

2021-01-21 15:14:05   report

This number texted me a confirmation code. When I called back I got a default automated response intended for someone who purchased a call processing service but had not set it up yet.

2021-01-19 21:12:42   report

The person who placed this call / text WILL BE having harrassment charges assigned to them........VERY SOON.... Keep it up little one...

2021-01-18 18:40:39   report

I got a call from this number and tried to answer before I realized that it looked unfamiliar. But no one answered so I hung up.

2021-01-18 16:19:13   report

Unknown number, assumed spam. Used Google to screen it and it hung up.

2021-01-18 15:35:10   report

for the past week, i get a call every hour on the hour. all from 717-420-12 the last two digits are always different. never leaves a message

2021-01-15 15:49:48   report

Continues to constantly. I don't know anyone in that area so I don't answer.

2021-01-15 03:40:28   report

i rell wan't you to call this porsen like im cry she's our best friend in you always wan't to call her all the time um still crying

2021-01-14 19:24:54   report

Its announcement caller from someone in Savannah, Ga. They hung before voicemail, which is good on our part. I think they’re criminals who are up to no good.

2021-01-13 16:06:55   report

calls constantly , i do not answer these calls, who is calling me?

2021-01-12 16:20:16   report

states that they are from the State of Connecticut doing an audit on our tax return

2021-01-11 21:44:13   report

They keep calling but never leave a voice message I think it's a scammer

2021-01-11 12:32:04   report

This number sent a text to one of my employees claiming to be the CEO and directing the employee to buy gift cards then sens the card numbers. Total scam

2021-01-08 16:26:50   report

I think this was a scam call. Said debt collector for Transworld Systems but had maiden name and old address in another state. Think they were trying to steal information.

2021-01-07 20:42:59   report

I did not answer the phone, but it came up with a user id of PoliceOfficerOrg, which seems like someone asking for money. Would not give $'s to anyone soliciting on the phone or via email now a days.

2021-01-06 18:51:35   report

this is a home security company (Jeff) with phone number 888-635-0108 - selling door bell camera solutions and they say you must have a minimum credit score of 625

2021-01-06 05:46:03   report

Like the previous person I received a link to a YouTube video but I didnt click on the link.

2021-01-05 00:46:52   report

Called 2 times on 4 jan 2021. Did not answer. Blocked caller. Checked online and saw scam, robocaller and other names that made me aware this is a call I did not need nor did I request the call. Unwarranted call and no caller ID.

2021-01-04 20:09:42   report

Two calls. No voicemail, so I suspect yet another scam or robocall.

2021-01-02 17:41:26   report

It’s a call from Ameritrade and it’s spam. Somehow he new we had applied for a mortgage loan and was trying to get us to apply for a loan from him.

2020-12-30 18:06:05   report

Asking for my attorney info. I was being sued to collect on a payday loan. Payday loans have been illegal in Pennsylvania since 1998.

2020-12-28 13:40:27   report

I got a call from 319 677 5112 on my home phone but did not answer it because I felt like it was a scam and it did not leave a message.

2020-12-27 19:54:05   report

Wish that these darn scammer would not be asking questions about other people,.

2020-12-26 20:36:30   report

This is a scam he called me saying that I had multiple warrants for my arrest and I needed to send over $1000 to get it taken care of. Do not fall for this guy!

2020-12-24 20:44:59   report

I received a nasty text saying that they were live at a very nasty website that I did Not respond to. This is not the first text received with that same message. It also includes lots of [] [][] symbols mixed in the text making it difficult to read.

2020-12-23 22:30:57   report


2020-12-22 14:50:20   report

I dialed the number back and got a recording the number you dialed is not in service.

2020-12-19 15:40:30   report

You charge people to give you information. Why should I tell you this without some scratch for myself? It's time to wise up America!

2020-12-19 06:17:32   report

651-219-7106 was a missed call. Did not try call back because it was suspicious....your software could not make contact so it's maybe scam.....

2020-12-18 20:10:54   report

used tires some bought and they will not stop calling me i have nothing to do with this they been told over and over they even sent people and notes to my house

2020-12-15 20:47:07   report

Called from Los Angles Ca unknown caller. Hangup. No message, scammer

2020-12-14 01:41:32   report

The person using this number wanted to buy a piece of furniture from us sight unseen. He wanted to send us a cashier's check for more than the amount of the item in order for us to pay the movers (before the check could really clear). We got back to them and said NO to the sale, and haven't heard from them since.

2020-12-11 17:56:18   report

They left no message. Called the number back and a woman answered re life ins. that was not requested. My number is on the do not call list.

2020-12-10 23:07:31   report

Not sure if I am receiving medicare insurance calls from this area or scam. Do not know anyone from this area and since this last call came today, it is past the insurance signup period so believe it to be scam.

2020-12-10 20:18:14   report

Received a text stating that our J P Morgan Chase account has been suspended. Call this number: (855)467-8812

2020-12-10 15:16:55   report

Received a phone call stating some legal action was taking against me and there would be a warrant out for me and I was going to jail.

2020-12-10 14:58:37   report

Now there are daily calls from either of the following 3 numbers, almost identical: 727-337-7193 727-337-7293 727-337-7393

2020-12-10 08:34:28   report

It is from a collection agency that operates in Ontario and Manitoba

2020-12-09 20:44:19   report

Received a call from this number today and they said it was “consumer collections” So I hung up. Complete scam!

2020-12-09 20:15:15   report

Called saying I owe US Diagnostics money. Asked for my debit card or a credit card so it could be taken care of today!! If I refuse then I can fight it out in Court!!! I told her she is a scammer and hung up!!

2020-12-09 18:46:10   report

automated call claiming to be with social security claiming number has been comprimised, ss will not call so believe this to be a scam

2020-12-09 08:10:14   report

The Number Has A Name That Possibly belongs to a Nancy Ghram

2020-12-08 20:17:41   report

This caller calls several times per day, everyday. I never answer. Caller never leaves message.

2020-12-08 10:20:59   report

Person claims to be with the DEA, gave me a badge number and said I needed to protect my money with purchasing gift cards from Target and took the information of the gift cards over the phone. Claimed that US Marshals will verify my purchases and pay me back with a check or cash.

2020-12-07 18:48:19   report

I am being stalked and someone is calling my cell from all types of numbers this is latest.

2020-12-07 01:56:41   report

ID showed number unavailable. No response to my voice mail, so I have no idea who it was or what they wanted.

2020-12-06 20:02:55   report

This is a recording stating that help is available to those behind on their Cincinnati Water Works bill. You can call 513-569-1840 (option #4) to contact a Community Action representative.

2020-12-05 18:52:47   report

costant text msgs. about confirming & paying for my order????I do not have one...

2020-12-05 00:41:07   report

Robo call saying Apple icloud account hacked. Call 315-232-8257 contact Apple Service Center

2020-12-05 00:10:57   report

left a voice message, ask to call back that he 's from dept. of social security. I called back, he wants to know my social security number. BEWARE

2020-12-03 18:21:17   report

Supposedly Marriott Hotels. When I asked to be placed on their do not call list, and that I was tracing the call, I was hung up on.

2020-12-03 15:17:57   report

missed call. They left no message. I never answer calls that leave no messages.

2020-12-02 14:48:31   report

caller(automated message) stating that they were from the social security admin. and that there was some fraudulent action connected to my SS# and that I should call this number back........

2020-12-01 18:40:21   report

They called twice and I told them they would have to contact my lawyer.

2020-11-29 12:04:47   report

Received a text at 7:00 am on a Sunday morning that has only a link to a you tube video and nothing else. I did not click the link so I do not know what the video is about.

2020-11-28 03:38:31   report

Was called by someone saying they were from Mocro Soft & they were going out of business and wanted to refund $400 to my credit card. They wanted access into my computer to process the refund. I never paid Micro Soft $400 and cursed him out telling him he was a scammer and hung up on him. Beware!!!

2020-11-25 18:24:43   report

Scam and Identity theft if you give them your information. They are not social security.

2020-11-25 17:53:11   report

Ask 4 person, ask whats call about did not want to say sound aggressive upset i hung up

2020-11-24 23:41:46   report

SCAM That is all the info I have and it was said to be from Amazon

2020-11-23 22:38:38   report

Someone hacked my department's directory. Got an email from director asking if I was available and to give her my cell phone. I thought it was legitimate and gave out my number. Couple of minutes later got a text from this phone number asking me to reply to "director.," When I saw area code I realized it was a scan. I blocked it.

2020-11-23 01:22:29   report

Called three times Friday morning, do not know anyone in that area of NY.

2020-11-20 15:20:36   report

Amazon scam was on answering machine. I made no purchase, checked my Amazon acct. nothing showing.

2020-11-19 21:41:30   report

For me, it's a dudette calls Pat looking to by home. I am itching to text them back telling them unless the offer is $2mil cold cash, the house is not for sale.

2020-11-19 21:35:15   report

There is no value in blocking the call. They use a different number each time

2020-11-19 21:02:35   report

Amazon scam just hang up and block the number if you can !

2020-11-19 18:21:29   report

When returning this call it will give you the message "all circuits are busy, try back later"

2020-11-19 14:30:56   report

Caller said they were from Social Security office and SSN # was froze for criminal activity and fraud I could press 1 to speak with someone or call 888-628-9605.

2020-11-18 20:38:47   report

Call from 385-213-9113, said I owe money to a US Diagnostics. Then they wanted me to give them money over the phone. This is a scam call for sure.....

2020-11-18 19:28:47   report

Extreme accent; "Hello? May I speak to owner please!" I refuse to succumb to their harm-I HUNG UP!!!

2020-11-17 21:06:03   report

I agree. It's a well thought out scam and gullible and naive people are bound to fall for this.

2020-11-17 01:54:59   report

called left message said from amazon about an order. this is a scam!

2020-11-16 16:15:42   report

This caller does NOT leave a voice mail have no idea who they are. I will not pick up the call.

2020-11-14 20:19:47   report

caller responded to an ad via text and wanted verification via google, returned CALL with google number supplied but still very vague - suspect scam of some sort

2020-11-13 21:12:49   report

This guy is in Greenmont Village off Forrer in Kettering, Ohio and he is pervert saying he's training girls to be Fleshlight representatives, He's a creep and encouraging a business which uses young girls to disseminate child pornography.

2020-11-12 18:03:34   report

It was a recording that told me an Amazon purchase was charged to my account. I think it's a scam.

2020-11-11 13:04:27   report

Called at 7:02 this morning says nothing and hangs up. Called 5 times yesterday.

2020-11-10 22:09:34   report

This phone number is being used as a scam 310-439-4066. Claims to be SS and wants personal information. DO NOT GIVE ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE!!!

2020-11-09 22:36:48   report

Voicemail from (520) 628-4491 "Denies it. Then simply hang up on your order will be delivered to you. However if you have not made any such transaction you can call Amazon support right away on 267-322-2331. Again the number is 267-322-2331. Thank you."

2020-11-09 20:35:23   report

Call regarding fraudulent activity on my SS number. Press 1 to speak with "officer".

2020-11-09 08:59:44   report

SCAMMER. Tried to scam me from a Craigslist ad, same as all the above. Offered to send a cashiers check & $50 etc. Then proceeded to ask for photos of me after I wasn’t going for it. Disgusting guy

2020-11-08 12:46:58   report

Robotic caller claiming to be Recovery Partners, regarding a subrogation claim and asking to call them at this number. I did not return the call.

2020-11-06 23:03:25   report

Left two voice messages 3 hours apart -- threatening me with arrest. Since this was an automated call the first part of the voice message was not captured. No names to go with the threat. 352-578-1389 --- don't you have anything better to do with your time?

2020-11-06 21:25:00   report

This is a scammer telling me they have 10700 million dollars that was stolen from me.

2020-11-05 20:56:04   report

Some clown named "john" called today from the same bumber claiming to be my "computer consultant" which I don't have. This would be the 8th time from this number.

2020-11-05 20:56:03   report

Some clown named "john" called today from the same bumber claiming to be my "computer consultant" which I don't have. This would be the 8th time from this number.

2020-11-05 20:56:03   report

Some clown named "john" called today from the same bumber claiming to be my "computer consultant" which I don't have. This would be the 8th time from this number.

2020-11-05 20:56:02   report

Some clown named "john" called today from the same bumber claiming to be my "computer consultant" which I don't have. This would be the 8th time from this number.

2020-11-05 20:56:02   report

Some clown named "john" called today from the same bumber claiming to be my "computer consultant" which I don't have. This would be the 8th time from this number.

2020-11-05 20:56:02   report

Some clown named "john" called today from the same bumber claiming to be my "computer consultant" which I don't have. This would be the 8th time from this number.

2020-11-05 20:56:01   report

Some clown named "john" called today from the same bumber claiming to be my "computer consultant" which I don't have. This would be the 8th time from this number.

2020-11-04 19:50:26   report

Belligerent person of color called seven times in a row after declining his call each time. Finally sent text for him to f* off.

2020-11-04 19:50:25   report

Belligerent person of color called seven times in a row after declining his call each time. Finally sent text for him to f* off.

2020-11-04 02:38:46   report

Political Robocall caller ID says Wis Dems and also Waukesha, WI - both calls on 11/3/20 at 6:19 pm and 9:11 am.

2020-11-02 17:19:26   report

Same Bryan, offered cashiers check for asking price plus $50 if I'd remove ad. I ask him to just send wire, he said "nope, cause his business is paying for it". Makes no sense. Definitely a scam!!!!

2020-11-02 16:35:29   report

Automated womans voice stating that my ID had been compromised do to illegal activity. Press on to speak to a agent I blocked the number

2020-11-01 13:36:02   report

you are showing this number as a landline but it came from a text device. Most likely a scammer

2020-10-30 19:45:32   report

Phone number called phone, I picked up, silence and then caller ended the call.

2020-10-30 19:42:08   report

This is a scam. I called the number back knowing that my electric bill was not past due. They wanted me to do a payment immediately through Zelle. And when I said I didn't have it they wanted me to go and buy some kind of prepaid card. Do not call them back!

2020-10-30 14:01:41   report

says name is Jamie, a private investigator within Glen Burnie and has a nice proposal.

2020-10-29 06:52:46   report

whwerwerwegrwghferwzrf wergwerwzergwferwzrf wermwjerhwheruh

2020-10-28 21:45:26   report

I didn't answer. The automated left a voice mail. I only heard part of it, telling me to call back before legal proceedings began. Scam.

2020-10-28 19:01:40   report

Looks like two texts sent to wrong number. Did not respond. No listing found for this number (possibly new).

2020-10-28 14:36:25   report

Курьеры DHL не могут найти адрес.Хотя другие службы прекрасно с этим справляются.Гоните таких работников,

2020-10-27 21:13:23   report


2020-10-27 19:11:44   report

I received an automated call stating my social security number has been used in a fraudulent way south of the border and to speak with an officer press 1.

2020-10-27 15:30:52   report

Automated voice claiming my electric service is being disconnected tomorrow. Requested me to press numbers to speak to someone regarding payments.

2020-10-27 07:10:51   report


2020-10-26 23:29:16   report

Make caller with spanish accent said a warrant would be issued in my name if I didn’t call him back. Blocked his number.

2020-10-26 20:44:17   report

Automated voice claiming my electric service is being disconnected tomorrow. Requested me to press numbers to speak to someone regarding payments.

2020-10-26 18:48:27   report

Someone from this cell number called stating they were from Social Security Office and FRAUD was found on my account. When a foreign person asked what I wanted----I told him "You called me so what do you want ? " He immediately hung up

2020-10-26 18:03:22   report

This number belongs to an unlicensed contractor. Goes by the name Isaias GarnicaRuiz Do not do work with Him. He collects money and will bail on the job.

2020-10-24 20:41:47   report

did not answer when said hello then just someone's name told them no not me then hung up, so either scammer or rude person whose mother did not teach him any manners or telephone equity does not know enough manners to say sorry I dialed the wrong number.

2020-10-23 21:13:09   report

Constantly getting calls in the late afternoon from this number to our business phone, but no one is on the other end.

2020-10-23 18:01:49   report

This number was used to call southern California on 10/23/2020. It was a scam caller saying my social security number has been suspended due to fraudulent activity across the United

2020-10-23 17:34:37   report

No one on other end when call is answered. When that number called back (surprise, surprise) no answer!

2020-10-22 20:06:38   report

This number continues to get through on my phone in spite of me blocking it a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't show up on my phone log when it calls my phone it just says that I have a voicemail and when I check my voicemail it has a woman on there saying hello hello hello and when I call the number back it says that it's not in service

2020-10-22 19:56:06   report

It was a scam. They told her they were from a Federal Agency, her credit card was being used to launder money & she would go to jail if she didn't buy a gift card & give them the number.

2020-10-22 14:48:18   report

THIS IS A SCAM CALL!!!!!! I contacted US Diagnostics. They said it is a scam , DO NOT give them any money.

2020-10-22 00:59:49   report

Calls me 5 times or more per day, they say nothing and hang up. Blocked them

2020-10-21 23:04:02   report

Text message wanting political for support of phil ehr. No way will I support a democrat.

2020-10-21 21:35:11   report

I also received a text from Bryan saying he would pay full price for an item I'm selling on line, plus $50 if I would hold item until he would sent out a cashier's check. Unbelievable!

2020-10-21 20:46:50   report

When answered, robot voice said “stay home, stay safe, stay healthy”. Very creepy.

2020-10-21 18:01:56   report

Recording interrupts with a guy saying "heyyeahhhLisa?". When I ask "Can I help you?" it does nothing then clicks off. They've called multiple times today and it's always the same recorded voice and interruption.

2020-10-21 17:50:23   report

I got a call from this number and caller left an automated message. It said for me to call back and left the number. Said that if I did not call back, they would issue an arrest warrant under my name and get me arrested. It came from Texas - I've not ever been there.

2020-10-21 17:49:22   report

came up spam call on my phone so i did not answer....i am so tired of these damn calls on my phone house phone office phone cant work for them why don't they get a real job???.

2020-10-21 16:59:37   report

This was a scam call from a woman saying she was calling from BGE and wanted to send someone to our home to check our thermostat and possibly update it. When I asked several questions she just hung up.

2020-10-21 16:31:51   report

CID Terry MT,,,,, missed call, was not important enough to leave message, can only guess,,,,,,,, no name, only area and #,,,,,,,see DNC listing works great

2020-10-21 16:31:51   report

CID Terry MT,,,,, missed call, was not important enough to leave message, can only guess,,,,,,,, no name, only area and #,,,,,,,see DNC listing works great

2020-10-21 05:44:53   report

I got 2 text messages from this number on October 20th stating: 1) Amerigroup: Bad news-flu season is here. Good news-your flu shot is covered! Txt HELP for help, STOP to cancel. Msg&data rates apply. 2) Get your flu shot this week from your PCP or pharmacy! Or go to Find a Doctor on our website: Txt STOP to cancel.

2020-10-21 02:32:04   report

Claim renewing order to Best Buy Geek Squad for two years for 499.00 leaving telephone # 1-302-481-6616 . wants call back to cancel? Did not call! Scam

2020-10-20 23:44:45   report

This was a missed call. They left no message. I did a call back but the message was "Please leave your digital message at the beep." Nothing about who they were/are.

2020-10-20 22:12:28   report

Don't answer. Block! Calls about student loan debt, I never had a student loan in my life. Just trying to get financial information. SCAM!!

2020-10-20 16:41:43   report

Called me with a very drunken voice said he was from the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. Scam, they never use a Clarksville phone number to call.

2020-10-19 22:45:19   report

This u professional person called me stating he was from the Social Security dept

2020-10-19 21:25:51   report

robo call stating my social security number is no longer accessible

2020-10-19 16:33:55   report

IRS SCAM! DANGEROUS! Block, report to FTC, notify IRS, and notify your state attorney general's office IMMEDIATELY!

2020-10-17 17:03:32   report

Automated caller said my iCloud had suspicious activity & press 1 to talk with an Apple agent. Apple agent was in a room with other loud-speaking Delhi-accented “agents.” I did not feel this was a valid call and so said nothing. The agent disconnected the call.

2020-10-16 22:58:51   report

Some woman called half crying, asking for help. Another woman came on the line and said, "Sorry, wrong number." And hung up.

2020-10-16 20:54:34   report

# 202-485-4022 called me and claimed to be from Amazon. Said I made a purchase over $1000 and I should press 1 to cancel and 2 to talk to a representative. I hung up.

2020-10-16 20:21:11   report

This scammer pretends to be the Social Security Administration

2020-10-16 15:37:05   report

Unknown caller without the decency to leave a message. Hope they didn't swallow their tongue!

2020-10-15 21:56:04   report

This numbers call me and say they are from the Social Security office, it is such a scam. PLEASE BE AWARE

2020-10-15 20:56:17   report

Missed call. They did left a partial voice message saying I had not demonstrated I am human in a non-human computer voice. Skynet is getting testy.

2020-10-15 17:49:38   report

He said he was returning my call. Then he kept calling back, one call after another.

2020-10-15 15:12:11   report

Automated caller said my SSN was suspended due to suspicious activity to find out more press 1

2020-10-14 21:58:12   report

This site won’t let me paste in what I experienced because it supposedly has special characters in the description that I cannot seem to get past. Regardless, this is a scammer trying to get you to click on a link in your text messages. They are trying to pretend to be chase bank.

2020-10-14 20:17:11   report

This is a scam to gather SSN and other personally identifiable information.

2020-10-14 19:50:18   report

This number keeps calling my cell. It states a scam call I answer and clearly there is someone there but no talking. And they will not leave a voicemail as well

2020-10-14 17:54:39   report

Have had several calls from this number in the last several days. Number unknown to me. Did not pick up. No message left, just repeat call. Suspect this as a scam call.

2020-10-13 23:45:17   report

Sends text messages saying my driving record has been pulled. Scam???? I think so

2020-10-13 18:10:10   report

Scam caller, he wants you to send money, send money and goes off on the war.

2020-10-13 13:18:00   report

Recieved a text immediatly after call. "Kindly call me b ack at #. KEEPS calling now.

2020-10-13 01:17:18   report

BEWARE of this number. Call back to 512 444 1704 revealed following message: "This number has been disconnected and is no longer in service."

2020-10-13 00:38:14   report

a scam wanting you to buy paypal cards and giving them the numbers, they say to verify your location , not true a scam, i called paypal they said no way

2020-10-12 21:03:02   report

Got a call from this number today claiming to be from Southern California Edison. Said that my electricity was going to be shut off in the next 30-45 minutes due to an unpaid balance if I didn't call a number that they provided. I don't have an unpaid balance on my electric bill. Definitely a scam.

2020-10-12 19:53:03   report

automated call about a transaction that will be completed unless I call to cancel... shows up as Krigzmarine Tech.... never heard of them!

2020-10-12 18:04:58   report

Internet Research...HA...Call center with Bangalore accent

2020-10-12 15:39:05   report

Caller left no msg. I don’t know anyone from Farmingdale, NY. I didn’t answer

2020-10-12 15:01:18   report

appeared in my contracts under someone else name but is not their number

2020-10-12 13:57:02   report

This is a scam. Claims to be raising money for police. Check with police in your location and report this. Hangs up when information requested.

2020-10-12 03:30:37   report

Text about a FedEx delivery. No such delivery expected. Wanted me to open text and "load preview". NOPE!

2020-10-11 20:02:37   report

Same guy as above,,,,,,same M O,,,,,same story,,,,don’t fall for it .

2020-10-11 19:50:55   report

Caller claimed to be Apple Support telling me my iCloud account had been compremized.

2020-10-11 15:28:16   report

Scam text message telling me I had won a free Apple 11 iPhone.

2020-10-10 22:49:33   report

Text from this number informed me my Netflix payment had failed...I don’t have Netflix payments!!

2020-10-10 18:05:39   report

Strange text from unknown source. Possibly sent to wrong number.

2020-10-10 17:37:33   report

This number has calIed more than once. I picked it up, it wasn’t marked scam. I thought they hung up but there was silence for a short time before a disconnect.

2020-10-10 03:50:24   report

This person says his name is Bryan and wants to pay full price + $50 (fishy) and ask for my address to send Cashiers check...not after I have seen comments on this site. Thanks,

2020-10-09 22:09:07   report

This number called regarding an employment disability claim. Seemed very suspicious.

2020-10-09 17:58:17   report

This phone threaten my life on text, I blocked and I called Police in Dunkirk, NY and informed them. It was a serious threat!

2020-10-08 18:32:57   report

wanted to buy my property. that is not list and is not for sale.

2020-10-08 15:44:09   report

I received a call from this number but accidentally disconnected it. When I called back the operator's automated voice said it was Google. She asked my name and then I was connected to a man who said it must have been a wrong call. Very scary for someone my age.

2020-10-07 18:20:35   report

Missed call on my phone. I don't recognize it. No message left. Listed as a landline. Most likely a wrong number.

2020-10-07 18:20:18   report

I also don't answer calls for numbers I don't recognize. They've called twice without leaving a message, once yesterday and once today. Am blocking the number.

2020-10-06 22:20:17   report

blocked id and nothing said when I answered the phone. and they called backed again.

2020-10-06 21:26:08   report

I don't answer calls for numbers I do not recognize. They did not leave a message which tells me it was some sort of scam. I will block them.

2020-10-06 21:13:10   report

text about unusual debit card activity, i have no debit card

2020-10-06 20:21:09   report

i did not respond to call. I called the number a few minutes later and was told by a message that this person does not have a mailbox set up yet. I had other calls from 423-271- numbers earlier and answered but had no response on their end.

2020-10-06 20:19:23   report

Caller ID said Abbott. It was the usual scam call about buying an extended warranty.

2020-10-06 19:29:33   report

Automated voice re "classified consumer protection"... "If you are not [inaudible], hang up."

2020-10-06 17:17:40   report

Called and left no message. I do not answer calls whose number I do not recognize.

2020-10-06 00:03:41   report

Weirdos and too many SCAM calls lately. We are on the Federal Trade Commission DO NOT CALL List and that does NO good!!!

2020-10-05 21:36:17   report

Spammer pretending to be from the Social Security Administration.

2020-10-05 18:43:28   report

Recording on how to reduce electricity bills. Press 1 to find out more. # does not match any company...a scam

2020-10-05 17:16:49   report

I missed the call and when I returned the call to find out who they are, I reached their voicemail. No ID given in the voicemail.

2020-10-05 16:47:26   report

Strange call, automated voice that says "Hello. This is just a test call. Time to stay safe and stay home

2020-10-05 16:46:46   report

Strange call, automated voice that says "Hello. This is just a test call. Time to stay safe and stay home

2020-10-03 18:51:01   report

Did not leave message and did not talk when the call was answered. One minute later a similar call came from a UK phone number that was flagged as scam. I expect they are linked.

2020-10-03 02:38:53   report

Something Police Extraction I hung up the phone call at 7:20 pm felt it must be a scam or looking for donation

2020-10-02 15:51:03   report

No message. In todays call blast environment if you don't leave a message you don't get a callback

2020-10-02 14:25:17   report

Came up on calker ID as Irene Giotto and was a recorded woman’s voice calling in regard to continuing car warranty, definitely a scam, they probably hacked this woman's number and are now using it to scam people

2020-10-02 14:22:17   report

Was a recorded message about car warranty....definitely a scam .

2020-10-02 06:45:24   report

Spoofed call. Someone other than the owner of this number.

2020-10-01 21:13:36   report

them call no one answer me who is this I think it is a spam

2020-10-01 19:06:05   report

National Enrollment Center - hung up on me when i asked too many questions about their Healthcare or website for research.

2020-10-01 16:47:51   report

was about S S being cancelled gave a number to push to get the message ,did not do it

2020-10-01 14:53:11   report

went online to fill out on line ss account through NJ News filld out then received text to send photo of license

2020-10-01 02:25:56   report

Texted as if they were familiar with me. I don't have a clue who it is.

2020-09-30 23:40:09   report

This person stole checks from the "Red Rose Scottish Country" in PA. These checks are confirmed stolen and the account closed. The bank doesn't even exist anymore. They prey on people selling items on eBay or craigslist. DO NOT TAKE A CHECK FROM THEM!!!!!!

2020-09-30 18:12:45   report

recording from "Apple" says that my icloud information was compromised and to not use.

2020-09-30 02:18:49   report

I got a txt from this # saying that I'm this mths winner & had sent me a previous email. I didn't get any email. Said to click the link in the txt to claim my prize. I didn't reply nor click the link. I've heard of scammers doing this. Rather be safe than sorry. So idk if this is a safe #or not. Proceed with caution

2020-09-29 21:25:33   report

Claim to be with Social Security and says fraud was committed using identification. SCAM

2020-09-29 18:17:21   report

i received a check from this caller for an item im selling. The item im selling is for 250 and they sent me 1850..... From a bank that was sold in 2015, claiming it was a cashiers check...... with addresses that dont match the company and from a foreclosed home. Very fishy!!!!

2020-09-29 17:50:35   report

Automated call. Insurance for people on Medicare. Press 5 to speak to a representative. I didn't.

2020-09-28 23:32:38   report

I live in the south, this call came from NY. I have something valuable to sell online, I have been robbed at gunpoint once already, and I wanna make sure this person isn't that type.

2020-09-28 20:53:12   report

Called , no one answered my hello. I hung up. Probably a number collector or something.

2020-09-28 20:34:53   report

Unsolicited call on 09-28-2020 and left no message. Call was blocked via "should I answer" program.

2020-09-28 18:18:32   report

I assume it's a scam. 2x in one morning. Threatening arrest if I don't call back. Message was left by an automated text to voice reading. Ignoring.

2020-09-28 15:14:29   report

The recording stated that there was suspicious activity on my SSN account

2020-09-26 00:29:40   report

call saying not returned considered non appearance. I scam call for sure.

2020-09-25 23:57:41   report

Non-stop mystery calls from Brighton, CO from 720-685-6523. Never leave a message or anything. Annoying.

2020-09-25 19:44:31   report

Call from Caller ID: US Govt Dept Of - Automated message stating there is a problem with my social security number. My social security number is suspended and to select menu option 1 to speak to a supervisor. I hung up the phone.

2020-09-25 19:42:51   report

Call from Caller ID: US Govt Dept Of - Automated message stating there is a problem with my social security number. My social security number is suspended and to select menu option 1 to speak to a supervisor. I hung up the phone.

2020-09-25 19:29:56   report

Called saying they had found irregularities with my Social security.

2020-09-25 17:48:47   report

Unknown out-of state number, no message left. I’m blocking it.

2020-09-25 14:40:24   report

This party left half a message since they started their spiel BEFORE the beep on my voicemail.

2020-09-24 22:45:02   report

Text saying..., We couldn't deliver your package to you in person. We kindly ask you to arrange the delivery for another time

2020-09-24 22:14:02   report

I received a call from this number stating that my Amazon account was hacked. I contacted Amazon and they said it was a scam. Amazon will never call you, they contact by e-mail.

2020-09-24 21:39:43   report


2020-09-24 20:12:40   report

Supposed to be Cindy with the Biden campaign wanting to know is I will vote in person, early voting, mail in ballot. None of. “Cindy’s” business.

2020-09-24 15:20:22   report

text message. I would be getting a refund from Norton as they could no longer provide servicesdue to covid.

2020-09-24 13:22:37   report

Scam says from Medicare when I asked who they were looking to speak to they hung up

2020-09-24 09:41:12   report

This is my old number. It was stolen in january 2019.This number gas been contacting me within the last year and syncing vzwvm:sync without my consent. They have opened new accounts and changed my banking info too.

2020-09-24 09:37:59   report

This is my number. I am not a verizon customer. I will be contacting them today

2020-09-24 09:35:24   report

This number showed up synced to my contacts as my home phone number. Whick it is not. Also everytime i reset my voicemail password it would start blowing my phone up. Idk wth.

2020-09-23 22:45:03   report

Automated call saying the car warranty had expired. Probably scam

2020-09-23 00:02:49   report

I received a text from this number, pretending to be one of my ex coworkers, asking for me to by 3 ebay cards $200.00 each and then scratch them and send them to this number via email with the promise of reimbursement. I called my ex coworker and he never sent me any text

2020-09-22 22:00:54   report

Progressive Auto Insurance claims representative - legitimate call

2020-09-22 20:04:59   report

Recorded message describes that APPLE technology has been breeched and that your banking has been compromised.

2020-09-22 16:52:51   report

Got call from 208-325-5605, said from Idaho, don't know anyone in Idaho. I did not answer and have no intention of answering. Clearly spam.

2020-09-22 00:54:29   report

Spam call saying your social security is under investigation

2020-09-21 21:14:04   report

claim to be EMG from Riverside contacting homeowners in my area for electricity......I hung up at that point

2020-09-21 18:44:40   report

User contacted me to advise that a second party had been assigned to my phone account and to contact them back at this number. Our account is a business account with many mobile numbers. The account administrator should have been notified instead of a single user on the account. This feels like a phishing call.

2020-09-21 18:40:46   report

Scam?? Responded to an ad on Indeed, and was not in service? Searched it and its from Hawaii!!???

2020-09-21 18:05:23   report

automated voice said it was social security and wants me to dial this number

2020-09-21 15:52:07   report

social security scam - asking for call back or legal action will be taken

2020-09-21 14:05:57   report

Spam call saying your social security is under investigation

2020-09-21 14:05:57   report

Spam call saying your social security is under investigation

2020-09-18 20:49:13   report

claimed to be social security administration saying they froze my social due to on going criminial investigation which is false

2020-09-18 19:06:35   report

This call was an automated call from "Social Security" trying to verify information. Total scam. Block these types of calls!

2020-09-18 17:53:46   report

Scam call telling you that your computer protection plan is invalid now.

2020-09-18 04:28:21   report

They asked if I was so and so and I said yes, then they immediately hung up.

2020-09-17 21:45:10   report

I dont know this number.but its called my phone several times

2020-09-17 21:15:26   report

Second time this week called and didn’t leave a message.

2020-09-17 18:58:38   report

msg left to because we have found some suspicious and fraudulent activities under your social number and we are going to suspend it. So if you want to 1 to connect

2020-09-17 18:28:17   report

supposed legal action. Did not respond if legitimate write me a letter

2020-09-17 17:03:06   report

This number called me today. Automated voice said my Social Security number had criminal activity. Scam call.

2020-09-17 13:42:26   report

We received 11 harshing calls from this person from 5:24 pm -8:35 am .

2020-09-16 20:49:05   report

This number called me and as I answered, I hear what sounded like an older phone, not cell phone, hanging up. I have received a second call, which I did not answer, also from (760) 258-xxxx which I did not answer and no voice mail was left.

2020-09-16 17:56:32   report

This caller has tried to call me many times in the last two weeks. They should get the message that I consider them a pack of scammers! When you hide who you are, why should I talk to you?

2020-09-16 17:08:28   report

Received a call and it was labeled as SPAM, so did not answer it

2020-09-16 16:04:05   report

Someone from 919-324-8066 called to say I had 30 minutes to pay my power bill. I called the power company using their website #, which is different from the number the caller told me to call which was 844-494-6017. My account was up-to-date and bill is due next week! - North Carolina

2020-09-16 15:23:46   report

Called me to ask if I want a job. She's in Virginia and I am 6 states away. Suspect it is a scam.

2020-09-16 14:40:07   report

Anonymous text message saying it was a voicemail ... Claimed to be a Parcel Sorting Center with package for me that needs to be picked up right away so it won't be returned to sender. Cited strange weblink for scheduling this. Obvious scam because I'm not expecting/missing any packages. Plus this is a NY number and I live in GA ...

2020-09-16 14:25:15   report

Caller ID says United state from 1-510-641-6066..Unknown person

2020-09-15 20:46:27   report

Scam call. A foreign woman who can barely speak English and mumbles.

2020-09-15 16:05:10   report

caller says fraud on my social security numbers, arrest awaits. call immediately. scam i think

2020-09-15 13:36:12   report

The text message said " alert about your USPS package ...... from 08/28/2020. Click: Since the domain name was just registered the same date I received it, it was for sure a spam attempt.

2020-09-15 13:35:09   report

The text message said " alert about your USPS package ...... from 08/28/2020. Click: Since the domain name was just registered the same date I received it, it was for sure a spam attempt.

2020-09-15 12:31:33   report

Came up as "Potential Spam" (spam blocker). Didnt answer. No message.

2020-09-15 01:00:57   report

Number keeps calling 8:30 and 9pm, no message, quite annoying

2020-09-15 00:14:50   report

I got the tail end of a voicemail that ended, " Time to stay home; stay safe and stay home."

2020-09-14 20:13:50   report

caller left a message, no name of caller or company; message said "from our department, legal enforcement actions against your ssn." please call 715-997-8920. Sounds like vishing to me/

2020-09-14 17:16:56   report

I think this is from a scam artist claiming to be a charitable organization I have never heard of.

2020-09-14 17:16:49   report

Call voiced it was from the Resupply Division of Community Health Network

2020-09-14 15:33:37   report

Called recording which said, "Thank you for choosing VISA." I get this call several time per week and have pressed 1 to speak to a live person and have repeatedly asked to be removed from their calling list.

2020-09-14 12:07:10   report

Phone call no VM left. My bet a scammer, call came in right after another call from same area code. My thoughts - these people are thieves not just scammers.

2020-09-13 22:17:08   report

On web, this is an ad for a knee brace that is supposed to be a "miracle" for the user.

2020-09-12 19:01:56   report

Robin caller that made threatening voice mail but didn’t say why they were even calling

2020-09-11 18:36:21   report

Call was identified as from ‘Peter Naisher’ in Seaside, Oregon. Actual call was an automated call from ‘Chase’ offering to lower my credit card rate.

2020-09-11 17:39:10   report

Two calls in two days. I Did not answer. Caller left no voice message.

2020-09-11 02:51:37   report

The text indicates a USPS shipment with a # from date 05-22-2020. Then proceed to a odd web address. Most likely a scam!

2020-09-10 22:09:19   report

CAlls every day. Doesn't matter the time od day or night. Sometimes a few times a day

2020-09-10 15:15:53   report

Man asked for me by name Said he was calling from Pepco and wanted to check my hvac system for free I hung up. This is not Pepco.

2020-09-10 13:37:43   report

This number calls me everyday, I tried to block it but it does not work, they are annoying, don't know who it is and I do not answer the phone

2020-09-10 12:06:26   report

Scam text with a malicious link regarding alleged delivery of a package via USPS to the former owner of my phone number.

2020-09-09 18:11:26   report

Telling me vehicle extended service warranty was about to expire & want to sell extended warranty. Don't have extended warranty!!!

2020-09-09 17:39:24   report

Scam call saying my SSN was suspended and an arrest warrant has been issued in my name. Wanted me to press 1 to speak with a SS representative. I hung up, obviously.

2020-09-08 23:09:48   report

It’s a pornography movie producer looking for actor fill-ins. Asked for very personal information, so I played along and left him very impressed. Offered me a part but hung up when I told him I was married and proudly stated I am a Roman Catholic.

2020-09-08 19:41:48   report

Just got call on landline. Didn't answer. Let voicemail pick up. Could only hear static

2020-09-08 17:06:10   report

DId not recognize this number, so it went to voice mail. No message was left so I assume it was a scammer or robocall.

2020-09-07 14:54:15   report

Got a call and thought I heard someone say something... but they hung up. After I said hello about four times.

2020-09-06 21:02:59   report

Charged for landline phone call which was made. Charge appears on September bill from Frontier

2020-09-06 15:51:58   report

Threatening and harassing calls were made by the residents. We asked them to stop, and called the RCMP. They didn't stop, and the RCMP did nothing to help but tell us "You need to change your number. No criminal charges have been laid.

2020-09-05 19:12:20   report

Local exchange, assumed it was spoofing. Hung up when voice mail came on, no message.

2020-09-05 12:55:02   report

message from Walmart, found gift card. I'm located in texas.

2020-09-04 15:49:29   report

She said she was with the social Security administration, I did block her

2020-09-03 17:28:36   report

Tried to call number and got a message that the person I tried to call is not taking calls at this time. Spoofed number I think.

2020-09-03 17:25:40   report

Someone keeps calling from this number, but do not leave a message. Wonder if it is a hoax.

2020-09-03 17:06:26   report

Says they are the Social Security Administration and hat my social security number has been compromised. I need to call them.

2020-09-02 23:43:06   report

I have gotten four phone calls from this number. They do not leave message. I know no body at this number

2020-09-02 23:19:39   report

text said was USPS.....I filed a complaint recently with a lost package but had not left USPS my phone so thought strange...wanted me to click link to fill out a survey

2020-09-02 23:03:04   report

Had a missed call from this number. Voice mail left but no sound.

2020-09-02 20:21:43   report

Left message about approval for relief funding (I did not apply for)

2020-09-02 20:02:20   report

Caller made several calls and asked for two different family members when asked to leave a message they either hang up or said they will call again.

2020-09-02 17:40:59   report

knew my name and texted. Why the fuck are you still waiting? Do it wed. sept 2, 1:25 pm,

2020-09-02 16:56:09   report

automated call stated they are a inforcement division of social security and there is legal action against my social security number

2020-09-01 21:33:11   report

Scam referred to a "plastic card" about money, renewal etc.

2020-09-01 20:47:12   report

A guy from this number keeps calling me and texting me asking "whose this?". Today I answered the call and he said, "whose this?" and I asked him who he was. All he told me was that someone from my number keeps calling him, to which I said it wasn't me and asked him what number is the number that keeps calling, then he hung up. Weird scam.

2020-09-01 19:55:46   report

Said they were from Amazon and someone was trying to buy a phone through them using my card. This was the number that called

2020-09-01 15:00:32   report

numerous messages not know anyone from the area where the calls come from.

2020-09-01 13:58:13   report


2020-09-01 13:51:40   report

Text message left: "Urgent message for the USPS delivery..." Go To: (numbers & a clickable link). Did not fall for it!

2020-09-01 03:36:04   report

a misc text of adult content, with a link that i did not open.

2020-09-01 02:15:31   report

Called 5 times looking for Sammy. Sammy give your Mother a call.

2020-08-31 22:53:51   report

Caller has made several attempts to reach me, yet leaves no message nor name on the call screen, only number. Why can't the person kindly leave a voice mail? May change to Scammer!

2020-08-31 19:05:31   report

multiple missed calls from this number in two days but no message.

2020-08-31 18:01:47   report

This number is fake. They are claiming to be the CEO of the company I work for, and they aren't. Please don't provide this number any important information. Thanks!

2020-08-31 16:05:11   report

Crickets in the background. Called back to voicemail from phone carrier- no voice. Clearly a spam call with no intent.

2020-08-31 15:07:57   report

When called back they tried to get me to believe they are the social security office lol full on scamer

2020-08-29 10:45:02   report

La actividad de mensajes que se realizó en estos números

2020-08-29 10:43:40   report

Quiero ocupar a línea para que me llegue un código para abrir mi correo electrónico

2020-08-29 10:22:56   report

Keep texting I have package and sign on for delivery. No package exoected

2020-08-29 10:14:50   report

Text says they have a package for me. I believe they want to get inside my phone and hope I will respond.

2020-08-28 23:11:29   report

This number called and my phone put the name of Victoria A Bright

2020-08-27 16:57:31   report

Received automated call stating soc security number was used in a part of the country where I have not been asking me to press one. Thinking it may be a scam. I did not respond.

2020-08-26 22:47:27   report

Number rang in as from Fred Kordlar. I answered and voice on other end said that he received a call from my number. I had not called him and said so. Man started profusely swearing using all kinds of foul language. Since he could not be civil, I laughed and hung up.

2020-08-26 20:08:51   report

I got a call from this number that I did not recognize. No message was left, so I assume it's a scammer.

2020-08-26 18:19:50   report

It is saying there is a problem on my I-Cloud account. I do not have an I-Cloud account.

2020-08-26 17:56:29   report

Left message saying they were Publisher's Clearing house. They gave my name and address then said I have won but need to call them.

2020-08-26 15:59:22   report

I answered the phone by saying I was from the local police department and asked them what their emergency was. They hung up. This is helping to bring the amount of nuisance calls down.

2020-08-26 13:59:25   report

Text said package from June was pending. Confirm delivery here:

2020-08-26 12:28:58   report

This person called and hung up. They did not leave a message

2020-08-26 01:01:00   report

Scammer. Tries to sell services over the phone and wants payment via credit card or cashapp.

2020-08-25 23:15:51   report

female voice said someone was trying to hijack my computer to get my social security number and identity, and that i needed to press one to get a Microsoft agent to help me.

2020-08-25 19:17:22   report

Called number back. Auto attendant answers but no company name. Transfers to another extension that eventually kicks to voice mail. Again no identity of who line is for,

2020-08-25 18:52:03   report

this man called me and claimed I left a message on his cellphone... said he was homeless, but www info says otherwise I told him that I did not...sounds like a phishing scam!! Phone number is 201-410-2962 and name was Leondre Harn of Dunkerhook Rd Fair Lawn New Jersey

2020-08-25 18:37:57   report

This number was on caller ID JEAN MURPHY -automated call said he was from "Amazon and there was a problem with my last order over $1000 purchased on a credit card - he suspects it is fraudulent and needs to verify some info - press 1 for a rep. " SCAM --

2020-08-25 13:47:31   report

scam social sec scam dont give any info to this caller . do not call back.

2020-08-25 12:32:11   report

This number showed up on my google account as the owner. My password gets changed from time to time and I have to put in a new one. Now, I cannot get into my google account because my phone number does not match. This phone number is not mine. There is no option to tell google that this is not my phone number. 281-755-4750

2020-08-25 02:27:57   report

This number calls me once or twice a day, every day! Going on three months now!!

2020-08-25 00:12:19   report

they left me a text stating they were Social Security & to select the link they included to start taking photos???

2020-08-24 22:29:42   report

the caller says its from Amazon and they are charging my account for Prime; however, Amazon never calls about what they are charging and my Prime account was lawfully charged by Amazon in July. This is a scam caller.

2020-08-24 21:04:04   report

Scammers indicating receiver ( I ) has a security breach and that legal action will be pursued if receiver ( me ) didn't return the call. Bogus.

2020-08-24 00:48:06   report

scammer; i don't know the number and phoned me four times and didn't leave a message.

2020-08-23 03:11:09   report

I still cant use many like facebook took off by them no gmail add no pass words will changéd i have 2 no

2020-08-23 02:47:23   report

That person that got betten us thats my pi those are my copys w that pi

2020-08-22 18:54:23   report

think this is a scam. have not called this number ever or solicited a job with anyone in the oden ridge area

2020-08-22 17:51:01   report

Calls nearly every day even tho it's blocked (rings once on our setup) ANNOYING.

2020-08-22 15:23:42   report

Automated call said they were consumers energy and were going to turn off my power.

2020-08-21 23:35:40   report

FINAL notice for name: BestBuy customer ORDER NO., your shipment is arrived. MY NAME Reply OKAY to proceed. This is the text message I received from this number..

2020-08-21 20:59:43   report

call from social security being summoned for an arrest and sheriff is scheduled to be sent between 3 and 5 tomorrow.

2020-08-21 19:00:34   report

caller named Frank said that my Apple account had been hacked and he wanted to verify, gave me a web sight to goto and wanted me to login with a special code so i guess he could explore my computer. right there red flags started going off in my mind saying this is a DIRECT SCAM so i hung up. besides i do not have an Apple account to begin with

2020-08-21 18:07:23   report

Every time I answer the phone when this number calls there is nothing but silence. I keep saying hello but no response. Who keeps calling?

2020-08-21 16:47:28   report

I received a text that says: our team needs to chat with you about your refill. This number is located in Denver and I am in Atlanta. No clue as to what this is referencing to. I blocked this number.

2020-08-21 16:34:58   report

Apology call for being overcharged from the electric company. If you accept they put you through to someone in India. I have blocked every call so far and they still come through. What do we have to do to stop them from calling?

2020-08-21 16:21:03   report


2020-08-21 03:46:39   report


2020-08-20 22:58:49   report

Second time today I've gotten calls from 410-690-1499. I did not say anything but disconnected by slamming down the receiver.

2020-08-20 22:10:28   report

I have been inundated with unidentified calls from all over Texas for the past week! This is the latest number. Very strange that none of the callers have left a message.

2020-08-20 21:04:06   report

Claimed to be with the Federal Reserve and issuing a warrant for my address based on my banking activity. Recorded message.

2020-08-20 19:04:14   report

Did not leave msg ... Broadvox phone co is Telephone Advertising

2020-08-20 17:00:20   report

text saying "u is this" then received a call from this number, no voicemail left

2020-08-20 15:36:44   report

supposedly from Apple, warning me not to use my Apple device to access financial information. Odd, since I have no Apple device.

2020-08-20 15:20:21   report

tried to call back and Verizon said that call could not be completed as dialed.

2020-08-19 16:34:28   report

Second call in 3 days from same area (Tomball), using similar numbers.

2020-08-19 16:07:06   report

this number wants me to text my bank acct info, so they can deposit $#5700 in my acct. big scam

2020-08-19 12:00:36   report

I did not answer. Left no message. Most likely a spam call. Getting this area code calling with different numbers serveral times a day. Calls two consecutive times. No messages.

2020-08-19 11:59:00   report

I did not answer. Left no message. Most likely a spam call. Getting this area code calling with different numbers serveral times a day. Calls two consecutive times. No messages.

2020-08-19 11:57:03   report

I did not answer. Left no message. Most likely a spam call. Getting this area code calling different numbers serveral times a day. Calls two consecutive times. No messages.

2020-08-19 11:41:53   report

Did not answer. Left no message. Most likely a spam call. Other web site comments state it as robo caller.

2020-08-19 11:38:36   report

Call.... I did not answer. Left no message. Most likely a spam call.

2020-08-19 00:02:06   report

received several calls from this number and other 408 area code #'s. it is the ICLOUD BREECH scam.

2020-08-18 23:53:45   report

Called and didn’t leave a message. I suspect scam or fraud. Do not answer the call.

2020-08-18 17:24:21   report

missed, no message, same phone co from before trying to sell extended warranty on vehicles.

2020-08-18 16:34:57   report

Auto-dial from ‘auto warranty services’ Calls are in violation of the FTC guidelines. Spam/scam

2020-08-17 23:03:27   report

This is a company calls for vehicle warranty. I told them I no longer own the vehicle, thanks to CHRYSLER Capital for selling this information to them.

2020-08-17 21:09:48   report

Answered call and there was an automated message about extending car warranty. Searching the number came up with no results, so I presume a spoofed number.

2020-08-17 17:09:49   report

unk type as I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message....

2020-08-16 18:36:01   report

They claim they are doing a survey, but they have no idea what their survey is about..........SCAM is my guess.

2020-08-13 19:50:16   report

Automated call that said they were turning me into the social security!

2020-08-13 18:55:01   report

Trying to find out if I need to worry about this number or if it was just a misdial

2020-08-13 18:04:23   report

Caller said that Apple icloud was breached. I did not own an icloud account at the time.

2020-08-13 02:14:24   report

don't know who the heck they are? Called on my husband's phone too in the morning. And not leaving a message so, it's no one we know or no one we want to talk to.

2020-08-12 20:39:13   report

Phone phone identified the call as SCAM LIKELY. No message was left just trying to verify the number.

2020-08-12 19:13:51   report

2028586610 I think this is a scam to get money out of individuals. It happened to me and I don't want anyone else to be taken

2020-08-12 16:05:21   report

Unsolicited text message about Maryland State law regarding sick/safety leave

2020-08-12 15:51:05   report

Received two calls from this number one after the other I answered hello It appeared to be an automated message It may have been a person on the other end I didn't catch the whole message but they stated that they were from Medicare. I stated I don't have Medicare, I'm not old enough. I then heard a number to call back and the call ended.

2020-08-12 14:41:22   report

The number you have called is incorrect. The number you called is incorrect

2020-08-11 23:07:03   report

Missed call while out. No message left. Unknown caller as a result.

2020-08-11 19:03:37   report

Auto message saying that we had an order of $799.00 for a mobile phone antenna. WE DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH THIS COMPANY AND DID NOT ORDER ANYTHING LIKE THIS.

2020-08-11 19:03:37   report

Auto message saying that we had an order of $799.00 for a mobile phone antenna. WE DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH THIS COMPANY AND DID NOT ORDER ANYTHING LIKE THIS.

2020-08-11 19:03:37   report

Auto message saying that we had an order of $799.00 for a mobile phone antenna. WE DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH THIS COMPANY AND DID NOT ORDER ANYTHING LIKE THIS.

2020-08-11 18:02:36   report

This called my home number from 9am until 1pm pretending to be from Apple support.

2020-08-11 17:11:52   report

Automated call from Service Canada regarding Social Insurance criminal issues???? Had several of these calls from this number recently.

2020-08-10 23:36:49   report

Social Security wont call you from a Sprint cellphone. SCAM

2020-08-10 17:35:54   report

Called 2X in a row, no message and can't call back to the number. Just a fast busy signal.

2020-08-10 17:20:44   report

Received a scan call from this number. Part of the Apple iCloud scan calls and emails going around since January.

2020-08-10 04:02:28   report

This guy contacted me thru Match, says he from a really expensive area in Calgary and this number says he is in Edmonton.....I worry about his lying....

2020-08-09 21:31:46   report

We keep getting calls from this number, we don't answer. No message is left, just a hang up.

2020-08-09 05:10:02   report

432-517-7104 called and missed call...Whoever had this number before me with my new phone must've not let anyone know he or she no lonver have it...

2020-08-08 21:21:23   report

This is the only number that edy adulio Pineda married 2 Francis Marie Pineda has one fax number only three minor children live here at this residence with them owner of Junior's rebar No co-owner Except mr. And mrs. Pineda for the past 14 years no other relatives are friends live at this address

2020-08-08 17:28:45   report

From he message they left me, I'm pretty sure this is a student loan scam.

2020-08-08 05:54:53   report

This number keeps sending my wife and family pictures of his penis. And video of him jerking and cumming also.

2020-08-07 17:25:18   report

"Hello [name], I fany you. Can we call for a virtual quicky? Text me 18rfl.po96e.pyc"

2020-08-06 19:03:12   report

Chinese lady left message but I do not speak Chinese as I am not Chinese. I knew it was them again so didn't pick up. All my "unknown" callers are Chinese. Phone number may have belonged to a Chinese person in the recent past as it is a new number

2020-08-06 16:43:17   report

Harassment Call! This number is related to 3 strikes felony Jeffrey Shellenbarger. VERY BAD!

2020-08-05 22:44:26   report

received this text message: BOB, 100% PURE CBD Oil, most powerful you can buy. Reduce pain, stress & Enhance focus. Get yours now!

2020-08-05 20:25:12   report

No message left. Have received several calls from this number, but message is never left.

2020-08-04 22:43:26   report

Call from totally unknown number making it at illegal criminal do not all crime

2020-08-04 20:02:46   report

Called me and then on the voice mail, all you could hear was papers being shuffled

2020-08-04 18:29:39   report

john cook is a scammer tries to buy stuff with bad checks.

2020-08-04 17:45:38   report

I returned the call - the recording was, "Thank you for calling Auto Warranty Services."

2020-08-03 23:24:36   report

Weird. Just got a text from this number and it says my loan just got funded. I didn’t apply for any loan?

2020-08-03 19:21:26   report

call sounded automated - had an old work email address from 5 years ago

2020-08-03 18:02:59   report

Spam, try to sell you things. DO NOT GIVE CARD info or any personal information.

2020-08-01 20:25:27   report

Called told me they would take 499 dollars unless I called this # and I would get a rebate. Sure it is a scam.

2020-08-01 00:06:38   report

I was driving and let the call go to vmail. It rang all the way thru but left mo msg. I returned the call and got recording "you have reached a non-working number", even though i returned the call within the hour. Robo call? Probably. I'd guess sales or political. Either way... is now blocked.

2020-07-31 21:08:04   report

Mexican lady answers pretending she never calls or knows nothing. And she wants to get loud when you call her.

2020-07-31 20:40:11   report

Received a call from this number stating it was a company for VISA but stated was calling from Florida not out of state,, scam

2020-07-31 17:40:32   report

Supposes to be from Social Security Admin. Yet when asked for their name, ID #, local address AND nature of the call they hung up. ALL have Far Eastern accents

2020-07-30 20:01:31   report

Left a voice mail: Dear customer. This call is in regards for the renewal of your computer services. As you are registered customer. So $399 will be deducted from your registered account if you wish to cancel or stop the payment please call us back at 301-679-6637. I repeat the number is 301-679-6637. Thank you. I don't have computer services.

2020-07-30 19:28:56   report

Constant caller. Allows machine to pick up but leaves no message. Answering machine is left full of “hang ups”

2020-07-30 13:50:26   report

getting tired of getting calls from 734-344-4744, want to know who this belongs to

2020-07-29 17:11:38   report

Claim to be Amazon about Nike order, order amount was way to low for 2 shoes. Wanted to install some security on our device. Did not fall for scam.

2020-07-29 16:52:14   report

the caller says your social security number has been suspended.

2020-07-29 09:15:32   report

This person says his name is David sunny and that he is deployed in Turkey on a peacekeeping mission I met him November 25th 2018 on Facebook and I've been talkin with him on Hangouts for over a year now and this is the number that he uses I think he is a scammer please help me

2020-07-29 01:36:52   report

Text received. "Hey it's brooke. I have a car that i need gone." I don't know any brooke. Think it's just a phish to see if they have an idiot that will call back to confirm they have a working phone number. Scam in my opinion.

2020-07-29 01:36:51   report

Text received. "Hey it's brooke. I have a car that i need gone." I don't know any brooke. Think it's just a phish to see if they have an idiot that will call back to confirm they have a working phone number. Scam in my opinion.

2020-07-29 01:36:50   report

Text received. "Hey it's brooke. I have a car that i need gone." I don't know any brooke. Think it's just a phish to see if they have an idiot that will call back to confirm they have a working phone number. Scam in my opinion.

2020-07-29 01:36:37   report

Text received. "Hey it's brooke. I have a car that i need gone." I don't know any brooke. Think it's just a phish to see if they have an idiot that will call back to confirm they have a working phone number. Scam in my opinion.

2020-07-29 01:36:33   report

Text received. "Hey it's brooke. I have a car that i need gone." I don't know any brooke. Think it's just a phish to see if they have an idiot that will call back to confirm they have a working phone number. Scam in my opinion.

2020-07-29 01:10:27   report

Sketchy caller. Her name is Jackie and calling to collect a debt but the name of credit card all jumbled....i don't have a debt

2020-07-28 21:19:51   report

This missed call (get at least 1 a day) is from the NRCC about the upcoming election. Do not want to help re-elect that b-s-a-d Trump (fat,corrupt slob)!!

2020-07-28 18:23:59   report

Received a unsolicited text from This # about new driving laws with a link to click on for more info

2020-07-28 15:39:30   report

Automated voice claiming electric company has overcharged me and wants to give me a rebate check. They want to take my money!

2020-07-28 11:20:47   report

Received a text stating my credit score had recently changed and included a link, did not click on link

2020-07-27 20:34:37   report

I NEVER EVER answer calls from numbers I do not know, &/OR are NOT in my directory &/OR are from somewhere I do NOT know &/OR have NOT been &/OR do NOT know anyone there! No message left = must be spam or telemarketer either of which I do not want! ALSO, I ALWAYS BLOCK THEM!

2020-07-27 19:52:33   report

I get this call just about every day. I even tried blocking it through Verizon and it still comes through. Very aggravating.

2020-07-27 19:37:23   report

Robocaller said they were calling from DHL with a missed delivery.

2020-07-27 17:38:00   report

Called and left no message. Probably a spoofed number. Damn I hate thieves, especially those who bother me by phone!

2020-07-27 14:56:24   report

I am pretty sure this is a scam. Two phone #s appeared on my phone: 717-464-9704 and below that #: 339-337-3803. The message left said it had to do with Medicare Benefits.

2020-07-25 17:36:02   report

Said that Direct TV would be cut off, had this with different numbers (Spammer) this time called house phone & my Cell.

2020-07-24 15:44:15   report

Your FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you lie alot!

2020-07-23 22:12:52   report

scam about service contract on my windows system. Was threatening to charge me $300.00 and had no idea of what system I was using and was guess at it and could not identify my type of computer. These people need to be puytin jail.

2020-07-23 19:13:03   report

did not answer the call. did not leave a message. Probably scammers - UNKNOWN NUMBER

2020-07-23 17:53:34   report

Message: "Please press one to talk to (unintelligible) RS agent."

2020-07-23 17:28:16   report

Automated: said they were from Social Security Administration and that they suspended my social security # and wanted me to press 1....NOT!

2020-07-23 14:29:11   report

Typical, I am in front of your home and I want to buy it for cash. No last name, no company name, no company address, and no company telephone number and no license. SCAM!!!!!!

2020-07-23 13:34:45   report

I got a call from this # at 6:25 in the morning,,,I'm sure it was just a scam

2020-07-22 20:17:57   report

Male caller said he was going to kill me if I did not give him my credit card number

2020-07-22 20:17:37   report

This call is from Lillmichael,Ms. They uses different similar numbers. THis is the 5th call with almost the same phone number. Reported them to FCC.

2020-07-22 12:03:54   report

Not sure what this is but have called me several times with no message left and when I do answer they hang up.

2020-07-21 21:42:39   report

The call received from that number is an automated voice in some Asian language. since I do not know the language I cannot verify the content.

2020-07-21 19:23:41   report

I got a text that had no message? just my phone number. ????

2020-07-21 17:53:03   report

calls received in afternoon, no message left, no identity Ergo do no know if political, spam, or robo. Landline is with One Communications.

2020-07-21 15:21:42   report

This # calls my business at least once a day sometimes more. They continually hang up when I answer; sometimes I barely get anything out and they hang up.

2020-07-21 06:39:54   report

I receive multiple calls from this number, sometimes daily. I just received another one at 1:30 AM and I am NOT happy!!

2020-07-21 04:34:46   report

Ok. Marc moon god. Hake I. Don’t. Know. What. To. Do 8.5. Yrs. same. Scam. Relationship or married I had one who married her and being never met so fucking scam I’m God Marc Moon

2020-07-21 01:20:54   report

Oragami and asks to press 0 to the main line..not sure if its scam

2020-07-20 23:36:44   report

called my cell phone in early eve of 7-20-20. Unwanted call. Most likely a scam

2020-07-20 19:43:07   report

got a text offering me free range time at wilshire gun. scam, I think

2020-07-20 18:35:22   report

Call started out this is the legal dept of social security didn’t like listening to the rest and disconnected

2020-07-20 15:52:56   report

Called our work saying "guess who this is, it's someone from work"

2020-07-20 14:44:40   report

called at 10:35 to my work phone. Claimed to be providing alert apparatus for people over 65. Said to press 1 for additional info...I hung up

2020-07-18 19:00:58   report

call came sat. 2:42pm I didnt answer because I have a situation where a stalker and he also hacked in both my phone and tablet. if I don't recognize the number never answering.

2020-07-17 17:03:01   report

scam caller said they charged my visa card for $299 for purchase made today checked my amazon account and found nothing called the number back call was rejected

2020-07-16 21:45:07   report

Did not recognize the number so didn't answer it. Don't even know anyone who lives in that general area.

2020-07-16 21:04:30   report

Gutless coward trying to scam money, Social Security, Trash hiding behind a phone.

2020-07-16 15:27:57   report

Possible Norton scam call saying they will charge account

2020-07-16 14:24:46   report

july 16th 2020- they asked me do I participate in same sex sexual experiances…. I said only on the week ends. brentwood farnsworth

2020-07-15 18:21:32   report

Constantly calls throughout the day. When answered no one is on the other end. Tried blocking all numbers calling and receive calls from similar numbers. I have missed important and emergency calls due to having to turn my phone on silent. Not even vibration mode quiets these calls.

2020-07-15 18:18:13   report

Calls are excessive and daily interrupting a persons entire day as this caller is constantly calling. After blocking one number another similar number will call. If answered, no one speaks from the calling number. This is harassment and needs to stop!

2020-07-15 16:17:34   report

Claimed in the automated message to be the Social Security Office investigating fraud and asked for a callback.

2020-07-15 14:36:09   report

Pretending to be my grandson. Said I didn't have a grandson, they hung up. Extorting money

2020-07-14 23:01:25   report

Scam-claims to be a neurosurgeon with the UN in Yemen. Needs steam cards for his computer. Then claims to need 5000 dollars to complete paperwork to come back to the states. He doesn't write with proper English at all. The writing makes you think what is this. Don't fall for it.

2020-07-14 14:09:56   report

Claiming to be SSI Office regarding fraudulent activity..SCAM

2020-07-13 21:56:41   report

Rec'r automated text message from (470)204-4185. What seems strange is that the text is coming from a regular landline.

2020-07-13 19:18:19   report

I bet my phone has rung at least 6 times from this # TODAY. They need to be blocked. Must be some kind of spam/robo/telemarketer! :(

2020-07-13 18:41:34   report

This number showed up in my cell phone. Missed call and called back. When I called back the phone wouldn't even ring on their part.

2020-07-10 18:10:52   report

Texting Property Scam. Asking to verify name & address. Illegal robo-calling.

2020-07-10 14:06:53   report

automatic message said it is Service Canada. Something about your social insurance number. And ou have to press #1 to speak to an officer if you don't want to go in court.

2020-07-09 15:20:28   report

They call every morning at 7:50 and I am tired of it, Please remove them.

2020-07-08 20:51:10   report

142 pm pacific time. Robo call saying there was a $400 charge on my amazon account. If I do nothing the charge stays. If I wish to contest then call them back. I don't use amazon.

2020-07-08 20:40:54   report

keep getting text that begin with Martha, then it proceeds to offer CBD relief from pain, stress and anxiety

2020-07-08 19:12:56   report

says the have package to deliver to me I need to contact them

2020-07-08 17:50:36   report

Must have been a robocall, when I answered the call disconnected, and when I called back it was a non-working number per Verizon

2020-07-08 15:28:41   report

The robo called said someone had charged $100 on our account but didn't say what account. They said to call this number if we had not charged anything, otherwise the charge would stay on the account. We deleted the messaged and did not return the call. We will watch our accounts like always, but we give out no information.

2020-07-08 15:06:37   report

When you call the number back you get the following message: “The number you have called is not a working number”.

2020-07-07 22:07:13   report

Caller called to say I had make a $250 purchase on Amazon and to call back on a certain number.My caller ID showed my name calling me.

2020-07-06 22:59:03   report

caller called and I missed the call they never left a message

2020-07-06 20:34:48   report

Claims to be a midget hooker asking for money for sex. Total scam.

2020-07-06 18:31:43   report

Do NOT know why this phone number appears next to all my family members falsely on my invite page. The name: Diane Poirier appears as from Norway, Maine USA. I Live in Wooster, Ohio. The number 207-461-2803 is FISHY.

2020-07-06 15:22:43   report

several missed calls - no message left, but I saw on another site it is a scam robocall. The caller claims to be from Delmarva Power.

2020-07-03 16:08:53   report

July 3, 2020 at 11:40 AM: Scam phone call re: "Amazon order on hold in amount over $1000.00 (not actual amt. stated) , dial 1 for further information." The call originated from Trinity, Ohio using a cellular phone served by VERIZON WIRELESS.

2020-07-03 01:15:47   report

this number call my cell phone, I called back with other phone but there is an automated reply but don't understand the language. also I received 1(416) 971-2254 and 1-416-971-2254 from Toronto Ontario. I called back but it is saying this phone is not in service

2020-07-02 23:22:00   report

This appears to be a "spoofed" phone call to New Mexico by using VOIP internet technology. We do not know anyone from El Paso who would have our number, so it is a spoofed scam call, probably originating from a telemarketer in California.

2020-07-02 16:16:23   report

fraudulent social security automated call claiming to cancel my ss#.

2020-07-02 15:21:27   report

Answered the call but nobody spoke, so hung up! Name on caller ID was David Williams

2020-07-02 13:43:31   report

he is taken has a family at home … but good luck if ur a side bitch nasty as hoes

2020-07-02 07:53:43   report

No one talked but they left :16 of their fans running in the background.

2020-07-01 22:29:31   report

This # calls & doesn't have the decency to leave a message.

2020-07-01 21:30:52   report

Recording from justice department threatening me with prosecution and jail if I don't call them back right now! Scammer alert.

2020-07-01 13:07:25   report

You're misrepresenting checkthatcall as A FREE SERVICE when it is NOT so you're a scammer yourself

2020-06-30 20:23:11   report

Received a call. Returned the call and a lady answered and said I had dialed the wrong number. Not sure what was going on with this.

2020-06-30 15:26:58   report

Did not answer my cell phone, no message, called back number no longer in service ????

2020-06-30 12:33:54   report

It appears to be for cars that warranty’s are about to expire. A man called and knew our auto info for our 2017 Honda and offered to extend the warranty.

2020-06-29 22:04:22   report

sounds like a facebook scam for children's ID's . I never signed up as they said I did and to confirm information. which i did not and told them to have a nice day ...good bye

2020-06-27 20:03:26   report

female voice not speaking English, no idea what she was saying.

2020-06-27 18:09:51   report

Offer for a free phone, I get texted every day, its start as I tried to deliver a package but you weren't home. I have been home for 8 months 24 hours a say, my husband is dying so thats bull

2020-06-27 11:41:03   report

This person calls quite often. I do not know them and they don't leave a message. I do not recognize the name on the CID so I do not answer it.

2020-06-27 10:45:58   report

This number was somehow used to connect next calls as conference calls without permission.

2020-06-27 06:31:48   report

Male caller's voice - spoke indistinctly, fast, garbled -- seemed to be offering me an "opportunity".

2020-06-26 14:59:26   report

Not able to return call, typically a charity or contribution request that is unsolicited

2020-06-26 14:31:24   report

somebody is using valid #s to piggyback their scam calls. Area code 386 followed by 490 or 337. Each day at 10 am, 11, 12, or 2pm using a different 4 digit. Harassment.

2020-06-26 13:11:57   report

Received an unsolicited call from this number during which no spoke up after I answered the phone.

2020-06-25 21:26:42   report

same as the others. no amazon orders in my account matching the alert. Clear scam. I reported it to Amazon

2020-06-25 20:48:25   report

just another scamming garbage that apparently doesn't believe in hell

2020-06-25 18:24:21   report

I think this is a scam - wanting to help me with my VISA card spurious charges, but there are no charges.

2020-06-25 18:11:33   report

Aha! I also got 2 calls from 616-548-1967 - Greenville MI number (on 2020-06-23) but said they were from Amazon Billing and gave the 813-359-0720 number for call back.

2020-06-25 01:34:50   report

No company name given...Auto warrantee is about to expire, press one to be connected to warrantee specialist.

2020-06-24 23:05:25   report

Scammer texted me from this number, trying to get me to send money ($20k) via the internet to buy his car.

2020-06-24 23:04:47   report

received a call saying they were "Amazon Alexa" and checking to see if we order an I phone 11. They said to call 813.359.0720 the call came from 616.527.2482.

2020-06-24 22:59:52   report

Received same type of call from 6165291999. Appears to be fraudulent per Amazon who I contacted for verification. They said they do not do outbound phone calls and there was no fraudulent activity as described on the phone call.

2020-06-24 22:16:23   report

Called my bussiness phone, let go to answering machine as unknown number. Left no message.

2020-06-24 16:37:10   report

Life insurance scam. They may know your name, but that information is easy to get, it is still a scam. Remember legitimate financial advisors, banks, insurance agents don't cold call you looking for business. If you get a cold call from one of the above it is a scam. Run.

2020-06-24 02:35:02   report

Received a call from this number, whoever it was did not leave a message

2020-06-23 20:38:50   report

call came in from 616-548-1967 - Greenville MI number but said they were from Amazon Billing and gave the 813-359-0720 number for call back

2020-06-22 22:37:18   report

734-719-4805 is NOT a real number, CID was spoofed. They called my cellphone, I was slow answering, called the number back (NOT Recommended to call back an unrecognized number) and got phone company's "Check the number" recording.

2020-06-21 19:38:27   report

I couldn't understand a single word he said. Sounded like he was drunk.

2020-06-21 01:36:42   report


2020-06-19 22:51:01   report

They chose not to leave me any message; nor; reply back to my text/SMS message!

2020-06-19 15:59:37   report

Call was a real person from "Medicare" verifying name and address information then asked where my pain or discomfort is. Person hung up once I said I don't have any pain! Might be scam to sell medication.

2020-06-19 15:18:56   report

recorded call stating warrant out on me for fraudulent use of my social security.. I did not respond

2020-06-17 19:45:28   report

called to notify me of our electric bill increase. When I asked which company, they hung up. Caller ID says Philip Simmons.

2020-06-16 21:06:59   report

I heard a technological chime, and I said "hello" about 6 times and they would not talk to me. So I don't know if it was a scam or not. Caller ID said name not available.

2020-06-16 16:03:59   report

received call from 561.402.3790 Claimed to be FPL. Saying disconnection was in progress. This is a SCAM! when I asked them to verify my account number they hung up on me. When called back went to a cell phone voice mail. Beware CALL FPL if you think you owe them.

2020-06-16 00:23:40   report

ROBO CALL from some "Wireless Caller" offering a free stay in some 'un-named' hotel. I do NOT need harassing calls from JERKS such as this. Number blocked.

2020-06-15 16:42:02   report


2020-06-13 17:55:44   report

This number is a scam. Posing as Seattle City Light. Asking deep background checks.

2020-06-13 13:26:02   report


2020-06-12 21:05:08   report

Another crap call! I am so tired of this nonsense. I don't bother answering the telephone anymore. I just block calls.

2020-06-12 16:37:38   report

This # called me while at work... all I know do not do this, so either scam or a hack. May be wrong, but deleted and blocked.

2020-06-11 19:25:33   report

This seemed to be a butt-dialed call. It must be to a mis-dialed number as we have nobody with this number in our contacts. Person does not know they called and is typing on a keyboard and does not respond to loud talking or noise.

2020-06-10 20:11:30   report

I don't know what kind of call it was. Clearly they weren't speaking English

2020-06-09 20:23:32   report

This was a random call. The caller id said it was from Best Manufacture yet the auto voice said they were from Microsoft and that they had be trying to reach me. I don't know how these people are getting my number.

2020-06-09 18:15:16   report

social security office stating my social security number was going to be suspended.

2020-06-09 16:24:26   report

believe it has 2 do with the sheriff's dept or MEMA,,,legit

2020-06-09 15:55:36   report

Automated telemarketer with immediate prompts to interact via pressing a number on the phone.

2020-06-08 15:02:58   report

No idea who this is or why they would be calling a number in London, England

2020-06-06 17:24:21   report

no one there; returned call & no answer except for 4 beeps.

2020-06-05 17:08:18   report

calls every day at lunch time lets it ring 2-3 times then hangs up

2020-06-04 18:50:24   report

SCAMMER of lost pets! Is trying to get your google info by asking you to Receive a code to send back the code good le will give you, with that they get your Phone info. Be aware.

2020-06-04 15:29:45   report

Claim to be calling about an account. The person that call says her name is June and their is so much noise in the background.

2020-06-03 21:55:26   report

Called...but did not leave message! I also have Caller ID, but no name appeared...just a phone number!

2020-06-02 21:00:54   report

Says an arrest warrant is being issued. Press 1 to speak to an officer. OBVIOUs SCAM

2020-06-02 20:57:00   report

who knows who belongs to this phone number. I don't know anybody in Aberdeen, Idaho. Never even heard of this place. Don't call again.

2020-06-02 15:35:06   report

Scam .. hung up left No message - I’m on the “Do Not Call List “

2020-06-01 23:50:53   report

I hate when people call, you answer the phone and they simply hang up. If you called the wrong number, at least be courteous and advise you've got the wrong number.

2020-06-01 16:21:37   report

a txt stating i won a 1,000 $ gift card followed by random letters and numbers

2020-05-27 22:27:05   report

Automated message speaking in asian tongue. Could not understand

2020-05-27 19:40:35   report

They called me several time every day. No answer. Couldn’t call back.

2020-05-23 01:40:29   report

lady's said thanks for calling auto warranty service to opt out press 1 robo caller. they called me. scammer

2020-05-21 19:03:50   report

I just wanted to know who called. Don't need to spend money for your contract. I'll just call the number myself. This is a sham site. You spend a lot of time and they say they will tell you the name, but then it turns out you have to pay. SHAM

2020-05-21 16:33:34   report

Automated call, filling in name about an audit and that they would attempt a home visit. Couldn't write down the phone number given in the message in time. Sounds bogus.

2020-05-20 01:53:46   report

They keep calling and do not leave a message! even at 8:50pm thank you idiots for waking up mychildren

2020-05-18 23:44:38   report

Whoever it was did not want to talk near as bad as they thought they did--No response after saying Hello 3 time

2020-05-18 20:50:59   report

Called once and left no message. I consider this harassing and will block the number

2020-05-18 14:50:18   report

Caller had names of family members and tried to pretend to be residents son, unaware the son himself had answered, not sure what his plan was, but he was up to no good

2020-05-16 13:45:08   report

Called at 2:13 in the morning and there was no message left. How rude! They're trying new tactics now. My first thought was there was an emergency in the family!

2020-05-13 16:47:24   report

I have never given out my cell number and have it since Nov. of last year. I constantly get phone calls from 904 352 numbers and know no one other then my family. I could say it’s a scam since I block it then they call again with another 904 352 number..

2020-05-12 21:13:39   report

This number called about my car warranty that has expired. Since I've never had a warranty, this is a scam.

2020-05-12 15:35:51   report

Automated that said it was artificial intelligence, I laughed and it started again and again.

2020-05-11 20:33:54   report

calls every day/never a message and no way to re contact/suspect scammer

2020-05-11 19:36:39   report

Automated scam call claim to be Social Security stating they were suspicious activity per my account and the were going to freeze all future payments and get a warrant for my arrest.

2020-05-11 15:52:59   report

Automated scam call claim to be Social Security stating they were suspicious activity per my account and the were going to freeze all future payments and get a warrant for my arrest.

2020-05-11 15:21:26   report

This number has called a times. No one is there. Just hang up.

2020-05-09 01:04:38   report

They keep calling my number but don’t leave a message. Probably is a scam

2020-05-08 22:57:07   report

Housewives selling anal dildos. Those crazy sales calls need to stop

2020-05-08 17:36:29   report

Very rude individual. Harasses employees at the local supermarket.

2020-05-06 18:33:39   report

I received a call from this number today, claiming to be from the SSA asking me my personal information. He had a very foreign black accent. I hung up after the second question

2020-05-06 16:08:56   report

Just another bunch of con artists trying to steal from anyone that they happen to call.

2020-05-06 13:17:57   report

Robo Call claiming my name and information has been compromised or stolen and I need to call them. I hung up without listening to any more. SCAM

2020-05-05 23:33:22   report

I got this call from someone by the name of John Williams, but I do not know him and he did not leave a message ????

2020-05-05 17:10:53   report

rip off- supposedly google listing - but will not identify themselves , calling over and over and hang up if you wont give them info. They are scammers.

2020-05-05 14:32:11   report

This number calls constantly and never leaves message. Scammer or robocall! BLOCK IT!

2020-05-02 18:05:31   report

Received a call from 510 380-5386. Unfortunately, individual did not leave a message. Rule of thumb. If you do not recognized a phone number, do not answer.

2020-05-01 12:44:23   report

Lives with a known meth dealer and child molester Brian London

2020-04-30 23:28:08   report

Scam call left a message about the warranty on your vehicle running out, My Motorcycle is 20 years old, that warranty ran out a long time ago. This is the 4th number this exact same message came from. You can try calling it back but you get a message saying the subscriber isn't allowing incoming calls

2020-04-30 17:20:04   report

Robo-call from supposedly Google something or other wanting to qualify business for some listing. I hung up and did not respond.

2020-04-28 19:54:25   report

Based on another search that said "low risk of scam" I called back, got "number disconnected." Probably IS a scam.

2020-04-25 15:35:02   report

Allison Caudell is owner of this number lives iat 804 St James church Rd. Neton NC 28658

2020-04-24 19:35:30   report

Scammers trying to buy your house after they drove by.....unbelievable

2020-04-24 19:34:08   report

Real estate scammer......left me a message saying they 'drove' by my house and wanted to know if I wanted to sell to help relieve me during the coronavirus pandemic. Marcus and Joseph are their names.

2020-04-24 18:32:49   report

I do not answer calls that present a number I do not recognize on my phone readout. However, it appears to be a robocaller (as listed on a site), and I have NO interest in wasting my time on that.

2020-04-24 16:19:26   report

Caller from near Searcy, Arkansas left silent voicemail. Prank/harassment call. Legitimate wrong number callers always apologize about calling the wrong number.

2020-04-22 19:49:23   report

Caller ID displayed this number. Never answer calls not in my address book, suggesting leave a message to get call back. No message left, disconnected immediately when went to my voice mail. Good indicator of spoofed number or a scam/robot call using VOIP.

2020-04-22 16:46:56   report

Probably spam. I've been plagued with multiple calls from area codes 934, 631, 315, 616 and 914. Not in my contacts, so i stop the ringer. None leave a voicemail.

2020-04-21 21:34:26   report

I called back, Auto Warranties Center. I do not need this service. Junk mail for sure. I live in AZ, but have a CO number. Definitely junk mail

2020-04-21 20:15:58   report

It is a call to attack President Trump. They bother and insist, I've felt harassed

2020-04-21 01:45:22   report

Some thing extremely fishy about his number this person and network provider. Name Doug Oliver Supposedly is a Qlink phone and took phone number with him..but I think its all B.S..from major B.S'er

2020-04-20 18:34:42   report

The original call came from Jamaica (876-507-4019) saying that I had won $9.5 million. The caller who had a foreign accent told me to call back at 252-232-7761.

2020-04-17 16:55:42   report

I have repeatedly received phone calls from Algonquin with different numbers I never answer No message

2020-04-17 16:00:05   report

Left a voice mail to call about a matter in this office. I never called back

2020-04-17 15:58:08   report

Slammed with 3 calls back to back. Was unable to get to my phone. Saw 999 so figured it was junk.

2020-04-16 23:04:04   report

Online search shows Paul's Valley,Ca part of San Diego. No voice message left not name on caller id. If you Have to pay to find out then they are Not legit even if collectors..

2020-04-16 21:13:35   report

Gotta be a scammer if they don't have the guts to leave a message.

2020-04-16 20:51:18   report

i don't answer calls unidentified. i came here to identify the caller

2020-04-16 20:02:15   report

Call came in the afternoon and hung up when phone went to answering machine.

2020-04-16 17:02:32   report

Caller claimed I had criminal activity on my SSI number and needed to contact this number to stop legal activity from happening against me.

2020-04-15 21:53:44   report

Called me very early @6:30 AM and woke the entire household. It was a robocall about car warranties. Not cool people.

2020-04-12 12:03:16   report

This number is involved with breaking motel room and installing a remote desktop connection . anybody help. Is Mary P????s the owner . I got hacked and I'm on the trail Somedy email me . Mosher.epw@

2020-04-10 19:49:23   report

Scam call. Call number or you won’t be able to be legally represented. No mention of what it is on actual call. Need to return call but I didn’t return call.

2020-04-10 16:00:10   report

called direct to my cell which is never given out, only scammers do that

2020-04-09 21:44:26   report

Call from this number 3-4 times a day. Never leaves a message. Annoying.

2020-04-09 18:33:47   report

I know whom I answer a call for, and this isn't one of them. A Integra Telecom from the search. Not sure if a scammer, or whatnot, but blocked and well.. from the info online of them, no interest to find out why they called me. No care for their business.

2020-04-09 18:30:06   report

I have gotten 4 calls from this number and don’t answer it. But also no message so assuming it is a scam call

2020-04-09 14:31:06   report

This number needs to be checked out by phone companys or goverment services and stopped if it is not a good phone call. We don't need these calls in these days that we are having!

2020-04-08 18:43:35   report

Caller ID showed "Bank of America". The caller left no message.

2020-04-08 17:54:29   report

I got a call from this number with Emma at the start .. something on buying something .. these calls are always scams.

2020-04-08 14:00:55   report

Nuisance call received on several of our business lines several times a week.

2020-04-08 03:24:57   report

This number is being( spoofed ) or used by Tina Mae Walton/Turner of 308 Ford Drive Petal Ms. 39465 to harass others

2020-04-07 20:35:20   report

One of many numbers starting with V when machine answers it goes to dial tone

2020-04-07 13:12:40   report

(234)231-8934 called for National Patrolman’s Foundation a fictitious (scam) organization based out of Sarasota, FL. I hung up immediately as I have never heard of this organization.

2020-04-06 21:14:49   report

Apparently this is a robo/scam call. It calls my number several times a day.

2020-04-06 17:11:38   report

I have received calls repeatedly from this #. No message left. I am in the Bronx, NY.

2020-04-06 16:34:59   report

This number keeps calling the store I work at, never says anything... now my cashier has started to get texts from this number. Today they called 3x in a row without saying anything

2020-04-04 06:37:46   report

Recieved over my google voice line which I know isn't even associated with information that could be tied to me personally and the transcript from the voicemail indicated activity on my SS number will result in my arrest if no return call is made to this number.

2020-04-03 19:57:50   report

Called the # back, it was an automated message. Press 1for a call back & 2 to be removed from list.

2020-04-03 14:18:36   report

This robo call was obviously a scam. My answering machine only caught the ending, but they said it an order had been placed, and if it was to be delivered, I needed to contact the Amazon Fraud and Billing Dept.

2020-04-03 14:10:47   report

Answered by mistake. Call was being generated from a call list as there wasn't an immediate answer when I said hello. As soon as he said this was my last notification for whatever - I hung up. Figured it was a scam.

2020-04-03 13:38:39   report

Good info, but it would be better if a name or company or some kind of identification would be shown. Thank you.

2020-04-02 12:58:26   report

Received email with this number as email address it has an attachment I know people in Houston Texas but I don't recognize this number

2020-04-02 12:18:32   report

This number calls continuous, we do not answer it, well Husband did yesterday and they hung up. Very aggragrating to repeatly call. No less then 20 times to us alone,

2020-04-01 23:08:01   report

Getting texts requesting sales of property. Texted them to take me off their list. They texted me again a month later.

2020-03-31 16:04:34   report

Received text from the Investor Group wanting to buy my house.

2020-03-30 15:40:32   report

when i redial from another location it says number is out of order

2020-03-28 00:54:11   report

Received several calls over the past 2-3 wks. Call appears auto-dialed. Caller ID: just number, no name. Never leaves a msg.

2020-03-27 16:39:53   report

aggressive and persistent. Insisted that they would call back even though they were told not to! Also was asked to be removed from their call list, and that the number they called was on the National Do Not Call Registry. Not worthy of new business or clients even if they are legitimate - so rude!

2020-03-27 14:20:59   report

comes up on caller ID as Social Security...after five or six rings a recording comes on saying the person on extension 5 is on another call! another scammer no doubt

2020-03-26 21:11:39   report

When Call was answered, line was dead quiet, no sounds at all and after 60 seconds disconnected.

2020-03-25 16:26:44   report

They call and leave no message. They have called 2 days in a row same time.

2020-03-25 15:50:28   report

I didn't answer. They left no message. I don't know anyone in Miami Oklahoma. I will not call back.

2020-03-25 05:35:06   report

You misspelled unfortunately and you don't need the"we" after it. Thanks.

2020-03-24 17:42:14   report

The Caller claimed to be from Amazon. I recognized the voice from other scam calls I have received regarding Microsoft.

2020-03-24 00:27:33   report

claims there's a package for me to pick up that I never ordered

2020-03-23 21:30:31   report

received a text from this #. Looks like Asian letters, then "reply stop to unsubscribe". I deleted since I do not do business with anyone in Canada. Area code 201 is in Canada.

2020-03-23 16:22:44   report

I with that these idiot brain would fine something else to do besides snooping in other people business, I am a getting feed up in these darn lair. They complain that they have been tiring to contact me they are a darn lair, Why don;t they stick there nose in holy book of the Bible.

2020-03-23 14:54:27   report

Text says that they can't deliver my package due to wrong zip code. I never ordered anything

2020-03-23 14:41:44   report

I got a text or email from this number saying that someone has recently changed the password on my Google account. I believe this is a scam.

2020-03-22 12:12:11   report

This is a private call; I am a real person. I want to help you save your home. I can help. If you do not want your home I'll try to get you money for it - even if you owe more than it's worth. I can help. Please call me back. Leave a message if I cannot answer. Thank you. I really can help - but only if you contact me. Mark W. Schmidt Sr.

2020-03-20 20:33:00   report

Automated call about ?Medicare eligibility, press 1 to continue, press 9 to decline. No way I'm falling for this!

2020-03-20 19:58:17   report

I received a death threat text from this number along with personal info about me and my family if I didn’t pay they threatened to have my family killed me too

2020-03-20 15:55:45   report

Missed call from same area code, but unknown number. Likely spam.

2020-03-20 15:54:47   report

Did not recognize number, same area code, no VM left, suspect spam call.

2020-03-20 15:53:04   report

I live in CA, and got a call from this number, they left a VM about "social security number for fraudulent activities," "stay on the line for a federal agent."

2020-03-20 14:46:22   report

Received a call at 9:37 am CST from someone claiming to be from the IRS about some unusual activity on my account and to call the number. I hung up.

2020-03-20 14:31:06   report

Another Auto caller with some type Scam. GO HARASS YOURSELF.

2020-03-18 00:22:20   report

answered phone no one says anything,there are several numbers they use....212-701-9112....212-724-2512.....212-726-6392...I am getting really mad as they phone at all times of the day and night.

2020-03-17 18:53:29   report

Missed call with no message. Robocall site states it's a student loan scam. I'm curious as to how they got this particular number as I use my Google Voice number almost exclusively.

2020-03-16 21:22:57   report

probably a scam- claimed to be a general doctor's office Dr Smith and claimed to be mark white with a heavy indian accent left this as the number - we are 3 time zones away

2020-03-16 20:02:21   report

a strange recorded message about upgrading from a rotary phone it was half cut off

2020-03-16 19:00:21   report

someone from this number calls my home and my husbands cell number It is getting quite annoying

2020-03-16 17:46:25   report

this number ring and rings. I have caller i.d. won't answer if I din't know the number scam

2020-03-16 14:12:59   report

car warranty that keeps calling even though I do not qualify car has over 200,000 miles on it.

2020-03-16 03:41:18   report

Tried to get me to use my bank account to cash a check and pay an unknown 3 party. Solicited me from Letgo as an interested customer for one of my decor pieces

2020-03-14 16:33:34   report

Just a scam. Not the real number from caller. Verizon needs to validate displayed phone number vs actual number calling. If not the same, BLOCK IT. Report the company or person to the government for breaking marketing rules

2020-03-13 17:27:23   report

I wish these dam ass holes that has to be sooooooooooooooooooo dam nosy into some one personal business about there credit, I am getting feed up with these nosy people calling about some one credit card,

2020-03-13 14:46:14   report

The call came in with a female voice recording stating they wished to speak with me about my ending auto warranty. She claimed to be calling on behalf of Auto Warranty Services. The call then routed to a male who refused to state his name or nature of service, and immediately hung up.

2020-03-13 14:41:01   report

My neighbour was telling me that this number is a scam........

2020-03-12 20:53:18   report

1st rep said they are located in Woodland, Texas. 2nd rep said they are located in Woodland, Maryland. They needed my name, city and social security number, I asked to speak to a supervisor and they said they can't unless I gave them my ss#. Obious SCAM! Both reps had heavy Indian accent

2020-03-12 20:15:05   report

Vilest of scams, pretending to be Social Security Administration.

2020-03-12 18:44:06   report

This phone number, 352-566-3342, has called my phone 3 times today, yet there is NO LISTING IN THE CALL LOG, making it 'appear' as if THEY DID NOT CALL at all !!!

2020-03-12 17:02:41   report

received a text "are you interested in this position?" no bloody clue who is contacting me

2020-03-12 15:18:09   report

Caller asks two questions -- calling business seems ok then hangs up

2020-03-12 15:18:08   report

Caller asks two questions -- calling business seems ok then hangs up

2020-03-11 19:50:51   report

claiming to be ss office because lawsuit filed against my ss #...warrent out for my arrest....push 1 to talk to somebody

2020-03-11 18:45:34   report

scam broach of apple ID - recorded call that asks you to contact support help desk and then they want to access your computer - I do not have an apple account and they respond that this is a windows service

2020-03-10 22:44:54   report

This number is spam. No one answered and they keep calling back every few minutes.

2020-03-10 20:20:58   report

Called me a number of times. Answering machine routinely records the number calling me. The caller showed me by name and telephone number as the caller. some kind of scam and dont really know what to do about it.

2020-03-10 19:35:40   report

Got a text from this number this afternoon threatening to turn me in to the FBI.

2020-03-10 15:19:57   report

Sorry no info because I don't know anyone from new York so I never answered and blocked #

2020-03-09 20:20:30   report

calls 2 times every day...starting at 7 30 am...every single day automated call..trying to sale extended warranties on cars

2020-03-09 20:18:46   report

this number is a extended warranty sales call...the car they keep calling me about I don't even own...calls 2 or 3 times a day

2020-03-09 19:14:00   report

a is me your cousin i been tryin to contact you me back when you see this message please.bro this is my phone number 18186608464.,

2020-03-08 17:55:57   report

A communist/socialist, left-wing, liberal Democrat owns this number. Block all calls.

2020-03-08 14:01:42   report

Text message for Yvonne Baugh! This CBD candy is proven to reduce pain, anxiety, and stress. Now legal in USA. Test a bottle now! I get text messages for Yvonne all the time, I am not Yvonne.

2020-03-08 05:40:46   report

Received text: "Kay "In recognition of your last purchase, you've been sent a gift at . Pd5WiR Reply Stop to Stop" Suspicious much? Passing

2020-03-07 01:20:14   report

Not quite going to call it a scam BUT they are "hiring" ($450.week!) undercover operators for an unnamed mall and ALL I HAVE TO DO is fill out an "application" at their webaddress... WWW.PMAWALCARD.ORG

2020-03-07 00:38:02   report

This number claimed to be from AMAZON wanting me to confirm my delivery details. When I called the number back it was and still is a busy signal. Probably a SCAM.

2020-03-06 17:38:56   report

This caller attempted to ploy me into extending my automobile warranty.

2020-03-06 17:38:56   report

This caller attempted to ploy me into extending my automobile warranty.

2020-03-06 17:09:57   report

Left a voicemail stating that we were to call immediately due to "problem with the social security number." Message also stated that the SS card has been "suspended." Scam call.

2020-03-06 16:42:35   report

Received miss call - no name - no message; same time every day receive series of scam calls including call warranty, company going out of business, irs, credit card, etc. it just never ends.

2020-03-06 16:29:53   report

Left a VM for something about student loan forgiveness, sounds a little phishy to me.

2020-03-06 16:01:37   report

Calls multiple times a day, gets to voicemail for 3 to 7 seconds won't leave message.

2020-03-05 21:20:22   report

Unfamiliar number, called during work hours, left no message.

2020-03-05 21:15:42   report

Automated Message, claiming to be from Social Security Administration, saying my id was exposed blah blah

2020-03-05 19:57:25   report

Received one yesterday, one today, same number, left vm about my PECO service being disconnected if I don't contact them in 30 minutes. Press 2 for rep, or call 800-931-2711. Called the number and it's for a medical alert system, automated...

2020-03-05 17:45:34   report

These people call me from a variety of places and I have asked them to stop. They say I have an outstanding student loan that can be paid off. I have not been in school since 1982 grad school program completion and had NO student loans then. I sent a text telling them this information and that further contact would be considered harassment.

2020-03-05 17:30:53   report

Followed up with AT&T. This is data line and can't be used for voice calls. Scammer was spoofing this otherwise legitimate number.

2020-03-05 16:52:17   report

Caller claimed to be from PSE&G saying something about my account being charged as commercial instead of residential. This didn't pass smell test and I told him he was not from PSE&G & remove my number. I called back. Number not accepting calls. Why would PSE&G be calling from a cell phone? Doesn't sound right.

2020-03-04 20:55:28   report

Was Officer Gomez stating that there was a problem with social security number. Have been receiving this same type of call, but from different numbers for the last several weeks. Instructions were to give them a call back at 267-322-2330.

2020-03-03 21:27:35   report

Text message: "SMS-707401 from Chase-Bank. Your card is suspended. Please call us at 302-387-4879 to unlock now." I figure it was a scam of some type. Through a different device, I logged onto my bank account and there were no messages there about any card problem.

2020-03-03 21:18:33   report

Text message from this number w link to “private message”; did not click.

2020-03-03 19:52:41   report

We were not here. But would not answer any unknown number. I get about 5 calls like this a day. We never answer any of them. I am going to take out the landline and we have a blocker also on the cells.

2020-03-03 00:07:04   report

They called asking me bizarre questions, like do I want to be rich and not have to do anything? Duh, I enjoy being poor...

2020-03-02 23:42:55   report


2020-03-02 23:09:03   report

This man called. Was talking in the background when I answered the call. I stated my business name twice, and then he hung up.

2020-03-02 18:46:31   report

Number has called multiple times and no one says anything.

2020-03-02 17:36:24   report

Only info was # 2158571253 and area on CID hung up rather than identifying who they were, what they wanted. Seems odd, pay for a device for my convince, used to invade my space. Never answer such calls

2020-03-02 14:48:44   report

stated my SS# is being suspiciously used and to call back this number asap or they will close out my SS#

2020-03-01 00:24:25   report

Some sort of scam called a total of three times. First demanded my address and said she was on her way asked her why. She said she was the entertainment for the party. Asked if I had money ready upfront. Called back after told her she had wrong number. Called back third time after I said don’t call again. No message.

2020-02-29 16:05:11   report

ran g adidn answer thoght it was robot or marketing call 02/29/2020

2020-02-28 19:26:46   report

Got a text claiming they'd attempted to deliver something.... We haven't ordered anything lately, and 99% of what we order comes from Amazon, which is not known for texting people about it.

2020-02-27 21:33:17   report

Text msg. Third E-Payment Alert: take action by 2pm-Sign-in- to select total required and initiate processing: web link or reply 3 to end. [7:52 MST]

2020-02-27 20:08:09   report

Heard loud talking in the background. After I said "Hello" twice, caller hung up.

2020-02-27 19:05:42   report

some sort of robo call that my voicemail could not interpret.

2020-02-27 17:03:05   report

Left a message. saying my SS card has been frozen do to unusual activities. Please call 928 233 8419 and enter your last for digits of your SS number.

2020-02-27 16:18:55   report

Have had 2 calls saying there is fraudulent activity on my SSN. The call is automated. I'm sure it's a scam. Don't call back.

2020-02-27 16:07:37   report

Spam caller. Recorded voice of their phone number and it said deliberate ignorance of this message will be consider intentional attempt of non appearance

2020-02-26 23:20:32   report

I've had MANY calls from this number. They never leave a number and there is no caller id.

2020-02-26 23:18:07   report

I keep getting repeated calls from this number! They never leave a message. Most likely, a so many others!

2020-02-26 21:11:36   report

I answered this call and got a recording saying that my SIN # was suspended due to suspicious activity, they gave me a case file # which they said too fast to even try and write it down and then said press 1 if you want to know more about this case....I just hung up at this point.

2020-02-26 12:30:24   report

This number belongs to rebecca Jimenez a criminal that stays NE side she conned a married man to let her use his car and now she is driving a silver Hyundai Accent to find her next victim and scam money out of him. She is using fake numbers to conduct prostitution.

2020-02-26 05:29:08   report

This caller keeps calling all day every day & makes me a blaring noise come thru my phone. It didn’t help to unplug my phone for several days. It started again as soon as I activated the phone line again.

2020-02-26 00:04:10   report

Tests says problems on city-bank account. Call this number. Scam!

2020-02-25 22:16:20   report

Calls every day! Never leaves a message on the answering machine.

2020-02-25 20:06:14   report

this guy was totally trying to scam me. He said I purchased a vacation package that I had never purchased, and then he got super angry, swearing and calling me names when I called him on it

2020-02-25 17:12:34   report

"Hi *****. Please call me ASAP to review you ins file in ********, **, It's important we speak today"

2020-02-25 02:20:36   report

Unknown caller who hung up after my answering machine recording ended. Unknown Scam call???

2020-02-24 22:35:07   report

have nobody that our family knows from that area, so considering IT TO BE A ROBO CALL. blok it

2020-02-24 18:24:51   report

Did not answer and they left no message. Attempted to return call and got recording that only said leave pin number.

2020-02-22 22:36:00   report

This is a 'Text Mail' number and is connected to a familiar scam "I have a friend who needs (some help) soon; can I count on you? Just send the money to ($amafraud at cash app.)

2020-02-22 16:29:04   report

Called saying something about being overcharged by electric supplier, press "1" to get rebate check. Seems fishy...

2020-02-21 19:44:22   report

have the FCC do their job...sue these robocallers in to the bowels of hell. Nevermind, the FCC does nothing for the little fact, exactly what good are they now? Done anything for you lately?

2020-02-20 22:57:36   report

phone is on no call list called and texted text said to call back

2020-02-20 22:54:53   report

Called @ 2:40 PM PT, this Thurs., 20 Feb. 2020 and left no message. Researched other various websites & located it is a landline # in Bellevue, WA., Possibly being an Investment Capital Co., DBA: DAE CAPITAL LLC.

2020-02-20 22:33:28   report

all i heard was someone playing a guitar... no one spoke a word.

2020-02-20 21:00:18   report

someone call me ,please not call no more may private phone number ,remove immediately I no have business for call me.

2020-02-20 18:12:34   report


2020-02-20 00:15:21   report

received 2 calls from this number - caller had an Asian accent...claimed that my computer was sending alerts to Windows. Hanged up when I told him I was a Mac user.

2020-02-19 18:17:07   report

Scam call no message expecting to call back - don’t do it

2020-02-19 17:56:16   report

Woman called me by name and then said it was a recorded line and she was calling about insurance. She called twice today within a couple of hours. Probably a Medicare or insurance scam.

2020-02-19 16:26:19   report

well now i'm leaving one...…..scam health care B.S. at 8 AM....freaking computer systems...they should all be subject to their phone and companies being rendered worthless

2020-02-18 19:41:53   report

No message was left and unable to call back, goes to some text service.

2020-02-18 18:11:26   report

Looks like spam, no message left and no answer when called back

2020-02-17 21:54:10   report

Someone from this number keeps calling and not responding, just listening and when I asked who it was, they still listened.

2020-02-15 14:32:02   report

This 508 area code has call every 2 hours for the last 3 days, The other number are 508 038 1542 508 155 5115. I do not know any person in your State. This is a scam because if you attempt to call the numbers you get an incomplete telephone number

2020-02-15 05:30:02   report

Number (212) 384-2054 Came up on my caller ID as US Government Lol!!! Good one!!!

2020-02-14 18:56:11   report

Receive calls from this number several days each day. Since my home phone number is unlisted, I decided to call back from a cell phone. Person who picked up would not identify himself unless I gave him my unlisted number. He was not only rude, but also secretive about what company he represents.

2020-02-14 18:52:20   report

Calls everyday - sometimes more than once - with no name identified. I let the answering machine pick-up.

2020-02-14 15:41:34   report

Scam artist saying a credit card was used and reply Yes or No if you approve the transaction.

2020-02-13 22:20:19   report

Claiming to be Social Security Administration Office. Wanted me to call with my as #.

2020-02-13 20:55:36   report

Just got a missed call from 208-249-7174 @1:50 PM no message left

2020-02-13 20:55:17   report

Stated my Social was supen ………. pressed one to talk with an "officer" who I could not understand. Hung up!

2020-02-13 16:30:02   report

This ahole was informed I am on a do not call list then hung up and proceeded to dial me from different variations of this number every half hour on the half hour. He will be fined as I have reported him to the FTC. No numbers are working.

2020-02-11 23:40:50   report

these are SCAMMERS regarding your social security...idiot woman says she's Officer ? with the social security office, etc.

2020-02-11 18:53:37   report

Got a call from this number from Zander Insurance, which is actually located out of state.

2020-02-11 14:31:54   report

professed to suspend my social security account, Poor quality scam.

2020-02-10 22:58:34   report

Unknown caller from Mont Belvieu, TX. Left no message, suspect that it is a scam caller.

2020-02-10 22:42:23   report

The text was from a volunteer working for the Elizabeth Warren campaign. She wanted to have a conversation about Elizabeth and what issues were important to me. I politely declined (text).

2020-02-10 21:45:53   report

I received a blind text from this number, It appears to be from an employment recruiter, Headhunter and/or staffing agency. Did not reply, so not sure if it was legitimate or not.

2020-02-10 20:47:11   report

When I returned call stated they were Social Security Office, when I advised that Social Security don't call and was scam , lady hungup.

2020-02-10 17:12:12   report

called and didn't leave comment so I called back and only answer machine picked up but no message but for me to leave name and s definitely scam!

2020-02-10 17:09:15   report

I have two phone calls from this phone number, but I don't recognize the number. I don't want to know their history. I just want to know who it was that called me. I get so many scam calls, that I just wanted to see if it was someone I know.

2020-02-10 16:39:22   report

said important message press 1, didn't press 1 with in 2 seconds it hung up.

2020-02-09 22:12:47   report

Calls cell phone but doesn't leave a message or identification. Smells like scam to me.

2020-02-08 15:28:17   report

Messaged via cell phone with AMAZON order verification. I don’t have any outstanding amazon orders.

2020-02-08 03:48:23   report

Asked me to confirm my address information for a package; gave package ID.

2020-02-07 15:51:58   report

I was contacted by this number this morning automated operator said I had illegal activity on my social and they would be closing all my accounts and then said to press one to speak to an officer. I hung up. Don't know what it was about.

2020-02-07 15:21:20   report

Automated call threatening you with arrest if you don't call them back. States their is a fraud alert on you SS number.

2020-02-06 23:26:22   report

Caller id says Knoxville TN; we get identical recorded message often from variety of numbers, promising 0% interest on all credit accounts if you respond immediately. Spam at best; likely fraud.

2020-02-06 21:01:58   report

Hilarious. Received a scam call, warning about scammer calls. Very funny.

2020-02-06 20:44:24   report

When I called it back , it said this phone is out of service

2020-02-06 17:52:57   report

Rude, offering energy savings, told them I rent the property, they were rude and just hung up .

2020-02-06 14:53:54   report

Did not answer and left no message. Figured it was a telemarketer.