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City: New York City
County: Queens
State: New York
ZipCode: 11361, 11358, 11362, & 11363
Country: U.S.A.

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2020-11-09 08:59:44   report

SCAMMER. Tried to scam me from a Craigslist ad, same as all the above. Offered to send a cashiers check & $50 etc. Then proceeded to ask for photos of me after I wasn’t going for it. Disgusting guy


2020-11-02 17:19:26   report

Same Bryan, offered cashiers check for asking price plus $50 if I'd remove ad. I ask him to just send wire, he said "nope, cause his business is paying for it". Makes no sense. Definitely a scam!!!!


2020-10-21 21:35:11   report

I also received a text from Bryan saying he would pay full price for an item I'm selling on line, plus $50 if I would hold item until he would sent out a cashier's check. Unbelievable!


2020-10-11 20:02:37   report

Same guy as above,,,,,,same M O,,,,,same story,,,,don’t fall for it .


2020-10-10 03:50:24   report

This person says his name is Bryan and wants to pay full price + $50 (fishy) and ask for my address to send Cashiers check...not after I have seen comments on this site. Thanks,


2020-09-30 23:40:09   report

This person stole checks from the "Red Rose Scottish Country" in PA. These checks are confirmed stolen and the account closed. The bank doesn't even exist anymore. They prey on people selling items on eBay or craigslist. DO NOT TAKE A CHECK FROM THEM!!!!!!


2020-09-29 18:17:21   report

i received a check from this caller for an item im selling. The item im selling is for 250 and they sent me 1850..... From a bank that was sold in 2015, claiming it was a cashiers check...... with addresses that dont match the company and from a foreclosed home. Very fishy!!!!


2020-09-28 23:32:38   report

I live in the south, this call came from NY. I have something valuable to sell online, I have been robbed at gunpoint once already, and I wanna make sure this person isn't that type.

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